UK Anime Blu-ray & DVD Bargains

It must cut their profit margins. But games aren’t as expensive as anime, and don’t hold their price like anime does. Most AL stuff is the same price as it was two years ago.
But then the 12 days of Christmas happens, and AL stuff gets discounted even more drastically than MVM's deal of the week. For MVM, it's just 2 SKU's a week, and not everyone is savvy enough to keep glued to the deal so that they can fill their shelf gap for the cheapest price.
so as somone who is nether a UK or US resident what Lists should i be following for region B and free titles ? ie for zavvi and the rest ? looking for codes for zavvi and the cheapest going price on patlabor among others

glad amazon US is shipping across the Pond again but the postage sort of kills it now -

wouldn't mind participating in the AL mystery box things But need to sort out a parcel forwarder