UK Anime Blu-ray & DVD Bargains


Death Scythe
Golden Time 21$+S/H @ Amazon USA:
or 26 GBP incl Shipping, Handling and Tax from Amazon UK:
(listed as Geolocked)

NGNL Zero 8$+
Danmachi S1 18$+ / 23,15GBP incl
Food Wars S2 18$+
Flying Witch 18$+ / 23,15GBP incl
Monster Musume 18$+ / 23,15GBP incl
Grimoire of Zero 18$+

Rightstuff will start their Black Friday Week on Nov 18 and their Cyber Monday Week on Nov 25

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Though the prices are good they will pretty much be the same or fractionally less than standards over here one you add tax and shipping


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Depends on what to get.
Some are still tax-exempt if ordered separately (depending on your country) - and if ordered combined the shipping-fees per item are lower.


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Heads up; Sentai have another monster Black Friday sale on their website, You can get the likes of Flip Flappers & Flying Witch for under $10 each. Thank goodness there's so few CE sets this time around, as I've already ended up spending £115 on 13 items. Early Black Friday Sale

Reminder that you'll need to use a proxy shipper like Shipito & likely get hit by customs


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Just got the shipping email from my Sentai splurge and of course the one item that cost more than the €22 customs limit is getting shipped separately. :confused:
Anyone have any experience with lowering the customs value with Shipito? I'd rather not pay the €10+ administrations fees twice.


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im thinking that and also some of the gundam bits too only thing that has me torn is the fact they are massive and that I already own alot of the anime ltd titles


Some decent deals but if I’m going to buy anything I’ll wait until the Christmas sale since iirc they had a bigger selection for it last year.


I’ll hold off as I assume it’s gonna be on this year’s Christmas event somehow. I mean if part 1 was what chance does part 2 have
This is what I’m speculating too. It’s on my wish list for the sale alongside a handful of other titles I’ve yet to acquire.


Must stop.. buying.. so much..

Contemplating getting Space Dandy for that price! - haven't pulled the trigger on the Jojo sets from RightStuf, and Funi's sale is getting revealed today. Can't deal with all these great prices o_O