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Discussion in 'Anime Industry Discussion' started by Capuchin, Sep 13, 2004.

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  2. Joe

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    Went for Vampire Bund even though I've never heard of it, since it's Shaft. Even if it turns out to be trash, a LE set for £16 is hard to pass up.

    Delivery estimate is June-July though.
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  3. HWR

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    I went for it as well, knowing me I'll forget that I ordered it and will be surprised if/when it arrives
  4. Patient-X

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    I'm tempted to get Knights of Sidonia: Battle for Planet Nine but I'm unsure if I'll be able to play it due to the geolocking (I am a noob). The only other recent Sentai release I have is this one....
    If this one plays will Knights of Sidonia?
  5. NormanicGrav

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    No worries, for starters do you have a console that plays Blu-rays? Like a PlayStation 3 or PlayStation 4?

    If yes, then it will play without any issues.

    Appleseed Sentai Selects I haven't tested (because I own the original release which was region locked) but since it was released after November 2014 there is a chance that it's geolocked.
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    No PS3 or PS4 just an Xbox one. I've a Sony 790 region B player and a Toshiba multi-region player (which I bought off the forum here). £49 is a lot to gamble if I can't play it. Hmm, what to do
  7. Lambadelta

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    Its a geolocked title. So if you don't have a Playstation console that are country code set to America than you won't be able to watch the BDs without ripping them on a PC with a BD drive.
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    I think Xbox One was also confirmed to work with geolocked titles, I remember reading about it in the old version of the Region Free thread.
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  9. Jaysgba

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    Xbox One definitely plays geolocked titles. Tried a few of mine in it.
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  10. Lambadelta

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    I think this just proves geolocking is mostly worthless
  11. Peachy

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    Just in case, I can confirm Engaged to the Unidentified doesn't work on the Xbox One.
  12. Lambadelta

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    My friend has an Xbox One I can quickly try Sidonia S2 in it if you want
  13. Patient-X

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    Yes please, very kind of you.
  14. Mangaranga

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    Having just tested a bunch of Sentai Geolocked titles on my Xbone, it seems to be early Geolocked titles which cause problems.
    Just for transparency sake I tested the following Geolocked discs.

    - Ao Haru Ride
    - Beyond the Boundary
    - Children Who Chase Lost Voice (2016 Re-author)
    - Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-Kun
    - Golden Time Part 1
    - Grisaia Season 1
    - Haikyuu Part 1
    - Haikyuu Part 2
    - Knights of Sidonia Season 1
    - Knights of Sidonia Season 2
    - No Game No Life
    - One Week Friends
    - Persona 4 The Animation
    - Shirobako Part 1
    - Shirobako Part 2
    - SNAFU
    - SNAFU 2
    - Tamako Market
    - Tonari no Seki-kun
    - Waiting in the Summer
    - Watamote
    - The World God Only Knows OVA Collection

    - Amagami SS+
    - Chuunibyou Season 1
    - Engaged to the Unidentified (Confirmed by Peachy)
    - Little Busters Refrain
    - Maid Sama
    - Non Non Biyori Season 1
    - The World God Only Knows Season 3

    Given that the above failures were released between Jan 15 and March 15, I'd imagine titles from that period of time may cause issues. Further testing is needed though I suppose. Interestingly though, Watamote and Golden Time were released prior yet do not present an issue.
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  15. WebmanGTI

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    Went to see if there's an EB offer for Your Lie In April Part 2 and saw this one - Selector Infected WIXOSS for £34.99 (First 100 copies) on AL's webstore.
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  16. msgeek

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    IIRC earlier titles were region locked on the opening screen and could be bypassed by using jump to title (or whatever option the player has).

    Also don't forget the region free thread which has a big list on the first page US Region Free Blu-rays

    More info on bypass also on Gravs Blog Bypassing Sentai Filmworks & Viz Media titles
  17. Smeelia

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    I don't think anyone mentioned it, but some standard Blu-ray players can also play geo-locked releases. I watch most of mine on a Region B Sony Blu-ray player, it says BDP S790 on the front so it might even be the same or similar to the player you have. I've watched a good number of Sentai releases on it, both geolocked and ones that need the older bypass method mentioned above. I'll have watched Amagami SS+, Engaged To The Unidentified and Non Non Biyori on that player so it seemingly doesn't have the apparent limitation of the XBox One.
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  18. Jaysgba

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    I have yet to come across a blu-ray player that won't play geolocked titles myself.
  19. Just Passing Through

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    Panasonic don't :(
  20. IncendiaryLemon

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    My Toshiba doesn't either.