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Amazon UK deals:

AL Releases:
Project Itoh : Harmony
Collectors [BD] - £20.88
Gankutsou : The Count of Monte Cristo Standard [BD] - £21.61
Outlaw Star Collectors Edition [BD] - £36.17

MangaUK/Animatsu Releases:
A Certain Magical Index Season 1
[BD] - £20.34
World Conquest Zvezda Plot [BD] - £20.29
Madoka Magica Movie Part 1 and 2 [BD] - £16.79
Madoka Magica Movie Part 3 [BD] - £12.72
My Teen Romantic Comedy Snafu Season 1 [BD] - £20.99
Was hoping for Log Horizon season 1, but as usual it's not in the sale. If I had another tenner then I'd have (finally) bought A Lull in the Sea, but alas that was also not meant to be (because Gundam Zeta needs paying for). Settled for both parts of Nobunaga the Fool, and chucked Sakura Trick in the basket as well.
Was kinda hoping for Log Horizon and FLCL to be on sale, but nothing of interest for me (I already have Ergo Proxy and The Eccentric Family...) so I'll be passing on this sale. Ahwel, I'll just have to watch Log Horizon on CR then.


I'm hoping for some of the part 2s for the series' I got in the Christmas sale mystery box
And it seems my hopes were fulfilled :D (asides from Log Horizon :()
Nobunaga the Fool part 2
Muv-luv part 2
Hakkenden part 2
Familiar of Zero part 2 (I can get part 3 for £15 and part 4 for £12 at CeX in the future)


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Nothing crazy there but these deals are good enough for me to probably pick up two or three titles. Love Live S2 for sure and i'm also thinking about Sakura trick at least.