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The Visual Novel Thread

Discussion in 'Gaming' started by MaxonTreik, Nov 1, 2009.

  1. Lord Bacchus

    Lord Bacchus Kiznaiver

    They just look too innocent! It would feel so bloody wrong. :D

    Fortunately for all Key stuff, even for their stuff that was originally released as an eroge, there is always a version without those elements.
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  2. Neil.T

    Neil.T School Idol

    Yes, like this oh-so-tasteful hugging pillow design, for example. (Found via a simple image search for "Kudryavka Noumi".)

    Guh. I don't feel so well now. (There were even worse ones, by the way.)
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  3. Lord Bacchus

    Lord Bacchus Kiznaiver

    Worse? Neil, don't tell me you turned safe search off?! The things you must have seen.
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  4. Neil.T

    Neil.T School Idol

    My safe search is never on, dude. ;)
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  5. Lord Bacchus

    Lord Bacchus Kiznaiver

    Neither is mine, but I would have thought you'd turn it on briefly to save your sanity. :D
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  6. thedoctor2016

    thedoctor2016 Death Scythe

    Even that Clannad spinoff?
  7. Lord Bacchus

    Lord Bacchus Kiznaiver

    Tomoyo After? Yeah, there's a clean version of that. It's on Steam.
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