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Discussion in 'Gaming' started by MaxonTreik, Nov 1, 2009.

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    I have seen Visual Novels get mentioned a couple times in here but they just refer to single VNs, so the threads die quickly. They also get mentioned in Chat every now and again. What I thought I'd do is make a general Visual Novel thread since there is interest from several members of the forum.

    **WARNING** It is common for Visual Novels to have adult content (sex, violence, gore, etc), so I recommend you check out what kind of content a VN has if you're not sure and are under 18 years of age. Some discussion may not be suitable for minors, so please be wary. Since most VNs aren't released outside of Japan (and the ones that are released outside Japan are few), they won't have BFCC/ESRB ratings for the UK. In other words, user discretion is advised as well as some common sense. I also recommend you don't ask or discuss how to obtain VNs. If you want to know how to get a VN or whatever, ask someone who sounds knowledgable by private message or use Google. Again, common sense is a virtue.**WARNING**

    This thread is chaos approved.

    So, what VNs has everyone played? I'm a beginner to the medium so I've played a limited amount. In fact, I'm still in the middle of finishing my first ones. I'm currently playing Fate/Stay Night, Chäos;HEAd, Ever17 and CLANNAD. However, in F/SN I just need to start Heaven's Feel, and in CLANNAD I need to start ~After Story~ since I just finished Nagisa's route. I'm not very far into Ever17 and Chäos;HEAd. Oh, but I have completed SHUFFLE! since it's short for a VN.
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    Played all and completed Ever17 (I was DETERMINED) as it was my 1st VN game. I've also played Uterwarumono and Shuffle! as I've watched the series and thought they were kool.

    I may go for Fate/Stay Night too, cuz I'm interested in the many end paths you can take, plus it's about different fighter classes. Fighting + Anime/Manga/VN = must.
  3. Cloud Strife

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    I played quite a number of Visual Novels like Clannad, Fate/Stay Night, Princess Waltz, Family Project, X-Change Alternative Yin-Yang, Kira Kira, Shuffle, Da Capo, Yume Miru Kusuri, Come See Me Tonight 2, Pretty Soldier Wars A.D. 2048, Snow Sakura and Figures of Happiness

    The best ones i've played so far storywise would be Yume Miru Kusuri, Fate Stay Nigh, Clannad, Kira Kira, Family Project and Princess Waltz
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    Nice to see this thread crop up. :)

    I've got a few of the "classic" VNs that have received the anime treatment, such as AIR, F/SN, Higurashi, but outside of your typical anime fan VNs, I can heartily recommend ones from the likes of Chunsoft. Their older VNs like Machi and Kamaitachi no Yoru are excellent, although I don't know if these are as popular when it comes to people producing fan translations.

    If anyone is looking for a really light introduction to the genre, there are several titles on the DS that are worth checking out, too.

    The next VN I'm looking to play is an old Leaf production called Kizuato, but I want to get hold of the new full voice version which they released a month or two ago.
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    I've never heard of them... but sound interesting... *googles*
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    You sound as if VN's were wrong and you needed my approval for this... =)
    As long as you don't provide screencaps of the more "mature" scenes, there's nothing wrong with VN's - some like Higurashi interests me ;)
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    Can someone give me an example of these "mature" scenes... i havent the foggiest idea what they could be?
  8. chaos

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    Many VN's are some sort of date sim, so you end up bedding a character from it.
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    I was being sarcastic lol

    You make me laugh. sometimes your just like this naive, optimistic little alien lol

    Like if e.t. got near a laptop :)
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    Oh? I see... =) Most of the times I simply assume the question is for real.
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    I'm just making sure that no-one is going to moan about this thread's existence due to some legal gray areas and dodgy content of some VNs.
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    your really making me wanna get some of these
  13. MaxonTreik

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    Here's a list that I'm using to find what's good to read/play.


    256KB limit on attachments? Seriously?
  14. I've played loads. The first ones I picked up were the Otaku Publishing releases in the late 1990s. Most were average at best, but True Love is a classic. Since the games contained no moving images they didn't require BBFC certification, and therefore I was able to buy them from Forbidden Planet.

    Since then I've got my hands on various English language games from Jast, Himeya, Peach Princess, G-Collections, and MangaGamer. Favourites include Desire, Divi-Dead, Tokimeki Check-In, Crescendo, Brave Soul (more an action RPG than a visual novel), Chain, Yume Miru Kusuri, and KiraKira. Again, though, most of what's been released in the US ranks poor to average, usually high in adult content and low in story.
  15. memorium

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    lol Wanko to Kurasou :p
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    Ahaha, I had True Love too. I loved the very British accents all the ladies had in text; such a shame all of those Otaku versions seemed to disappear without trace after a few years. I wouldn't mind picking up some of the others one day.

    I fear I may be undermining my girl schtick so I'll add that I also have a fair few BL VNs including the Sukisho games and Gakuen Heaven Boys Love Scramble, as well as some dating sims (including Tokimeki Memorial Girls Side 1/2/2nd Kiss). I picked up the Hirameki version of Yo-Jin-Bo a while back to fill a bored afternoon as well, which is rather chaste but very amusing. There are so many pop culture references and jokes that it's almost like a parody of its own genre.

    I don't tend to play bishoujo games any more. I gave KimiNozo a spin but it annoyed me.

    Next on my list is Umineko No Naku Koro Ni next year if sound novels count for this list (I'll buy a bunch of the chapters at once) and I'll probably cave and get Lamento too at last.

  17. ayase

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    True Love is one I have played, that and another old one where you play a guy who's a bit of a twat who manages an apartment building... I got as far as the easy threesome in that one and then gave up.

    It seemed okay, but I was no good at the time management and couldn't be arsed to live up to the girls' expectations.


    Wait, were we talking about visual novels?
  18. ilmaestro

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    Well, we arguably wouldn't have VNs if it wasn't for Chunsoft's Sound Novels afaik, so it would be silly to make the distinction imo.
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    Not sure what to classify it as, but i'm busy with Sengoku Rance. Its a pretty decent game and i quite like the strategy system it uses. Battles aren't the most complex as of yet, mind you i'm only a wee bit in, and i can see the story being decent..if you exclude rances goals. It has one other bit which does interest me, in that Uesugi Kenshin is a woman. I know there is some evidence that suggests he was a she...or whatever in history, but normally Kenshin is still portrayed as male. I guess there is some games and such nowadays that puts forward the idea they where a woman, but there we go.

    Also intending to start Fate/Stay Night soon, and plan to get a hold of Kanon and CLANNAD as well when i get the chance.
  20. ilmaestro

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    But yes, I am always tempted to play Sengoku Rance, but I'm not a massive fan of simulation games of the type that it is, so I may just read the manga. ^^;