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So is this the sequel that was announced and there's not actually a 2nd season planned? Or both?

I know there's the spin off series coming too.

Edit: It seems like the film is an arc taken from season 2.
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Too much news going on and figured I'll TL;DR them here:
  • Fate/Stay Night Heaven's Feel III. Spring Song is now scheduled for Japanese theatres this August.
  • Isekai series I'm Standing on a Million Lives has completed its anime production for Autumn 2020 season.
  • SCHOOL DAYS is getting a COMPLETE BD-BOX this September in Japan to celebrate the 15th anniversary of the nice boat.
  • Uramichi Oniisan has been postponed from Autumn 2020 season to sometime in 2021 due to production.
I wonder how long it'll take Spring Song to show up here in the us? I've been waiting too long for the conclusion to the Heaven's Feel trilogy.


Hi, not been here for a while but I figgured I should return to see that an adversary, a veriable thorn in my side, get its proper dues in its final hour.

Disney XD (Along side the entire Disney Channel range) will be made defunct in favor of Disney Plus come October 1st.

Sure, it'd be easy to kick the condemed whilst it was down, uttering my misgivings about Naruto and Inazuma Eleven but I have to be fair. Disney XD was the final regeneration of Fox Kids and Jetix, both of which aired some quality, and often off beat, programming. When CN was too afriad to populate their anime channel with anime, Jetix was there airing Viewiful Joe and BoBoBo (for all of five minutes but there you go) as well as European flights of fancy including Oban Star Racers (which practicaly launched the carrear of Thomas Roman who went on to work on Space Dandy and Symphogear).
And Fox Kids aired an untoled number of anime including Teknoman (Ne; Tekkaman Blade) and Super Pig at during the hight of japan/pokemania as well as the tentpoles such as Digimon, Sonic X and Shaman King.

So here's to you Fox Kids, as you metastise into what may very be your final form. Morphing like Quagmire into Disney +'s Toilet, may the symphonic works of Shuki Levi bring thee to they eternal damnation.

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The Sight & Sound feature on the 50 key anime films is now online
It's a very interesting read showcasing some lesser known titles to the more casual viewer.

I did get a strange sense that it was very favourably angled towards Anime Limited releases though.
Of course it could be argued they put out the most 'classic' anime so I'm not claiming any under the table shenanigans 😂

Now to wait for AL to claim Overfiend is of historical importance to get an uncut release 😉😉


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I think their target at this point is classics as yes somehow they got End of Evangelion and the Utena films which both make me very happy that are included


I'd never heard of Ringing Bell or Arion, but my interest has been piqued for the latter at least. I think the list covers all bases pretty well, but I'm surprised that it doesn't make room for any Tomino - I would have expected either Char's Counterattack or Ideon: Be Invoked to make the list.


Physical omnibus editions for Shaman King were announced. 3 volumes per omnibus with a revised translation.
hopefully with Magical Sempai ending soon they'll announce a print of that too, don't know if i can trust kodansha enough to buy these shaman king omnibuses tho, both Negima and Battle Angel Alita: Last Order started out that way but ended in single volumes