The News Thread (for news that does not need a thread)

My choices:
Protagonist: A lack of Sugimoto means Sakura from Bunny Girl gets it.
Antagonist: All for One from MHA
Best (Skeli) Boy: Honda-San from Bookseller Honda-San
Best Girl: Asirpa from Golden Kamuy
OP: Pop Team Epic by Sumire Uesaka
ED: Megalo Box, as it’s the only one I vaguely remember and/or have seen from their selection.
JP VA: Soma Saito as Honda-San
EN VA: The lack of Ian Sinclair as Sugimoto forces my hand to vote for Chris Sabat as All Might.
Director: Yohei Suzuki for Planet With
Best Animation: MEGALO BOX Love that retro style.
Film: Night is Short, walk on Girl
Character design: JoJo Part 5
AOTY: No Yuru Camp, no vote.
A Pretty underwhelming selection of choices really.


State Alchemist
Awards have never been any indication of quality, I don't know why anyone expects them to be. Critics' awards are almost always nepotistic or politically motivated and as for audience awards, we all know popular very rarely equals good. It's pointless to get mad at awards just like it's pointless to get mad at another individual for not sharing your opinions.
Oh I’m not mad at all, I fully expected a lacklustre selection. Like I said though I am pleasantly surprised that Honda-San got a look in, wasn’t expecting it to appear at all.
My problem is it seems Honda and Zombieland are CR shows so I don’t like they seem biased towards them
The lack of Yuru Camp in the Anime of the Year proves this wrong as it was actually part funded by them as opposed to the those 2 you mentioned.

Honda was only in two categories though. If anything Aggretsuko is the one being pushed, as it’s in like six categories.
And that's Netflix!