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The News Thread (for news that does not need a thread)

Zombieland saga the girl most people like didn't get pushed the trans one did....
APFTTU they produced and got mass nominated and the worst girl got picked
Maybe its their judges are just crap.
But there is not much amazon stuff on it, not much Netflix stuff as no Hisone, no SDS, no B
Devilman is worth being on their but they aint biased towards netflix.
Its weird but its deffo bias to shows CR "Pushed" at least.
Zombie Land Saga is actually a Funimation show so it's a very odd case of bias. Laid-Back as a coproduction I would've expected in more categories. Disregarding that I'm miffed that Yoshiaki Kyogoku wasn't nominated for best director.
Is it a funimation show? We dont know till the BDs come out actually they dont say oh this a CR show unless they produce it.
No Franxx was a surprise though as they pushed that hard.
I think the major problems is the judges are **** who are half of them They are ALL journalists no variety and that's wrong. No non japanese linked critics either like imagine Kermode (He's obviously way to expensive) But a western based critic would have been a great angle
Speaking of definitions it's pretty funny that Ainz gets nominated for best antagonist even though he's literally the protagonist.
Isn't he an anti-hero, so hard to define. Depends if he's more anti than hero or not.

I think the major problems is the judges are **** who are half of them They are ALL journalists no variety and that's wrong. No non japanese linked critics either like imagine Kermode (He's obviously way to expensive) But a west
Eh! They are all Western based and not ALL journalists. There were some from the industry and some just fans (one organises a CON in Europe IIRC). Having said that I only know one and that's Miranda Sanchez who does anime stuff for IGN.
Could do with an AniTuber or 2 as watching anime is their job so they tend to watch f**k loads. It might mean smaller shows might get some rep. I mean how did Hakata Tonkotsu Ramens not get nominated for best ED, possibly because not enough of the judges saw it?
Then you will definitely get people who haven't seen enough to give a fair appraisal across the board. It'll be all the popular stuff. Maranda Sanchez does do other stuff for IGN though.
Kermode whilst he does seem to like his anime would probably only be good for the films.
But fireworks is objectively worse than Maquia it is and I don’t care about the UK Cos last year yes that had HF allowed and we didn’t etc.
I don’t like Maquia but I know it’s better but why is Mazinger on there either no clue.
My votes:
Protag: Retsuko
Antag: Tokushiro Tsurumi (Golden Kamuy)
Boy: Sakuta (Bunny-Girl)
Girl: Asirpa (GK)
OP: Darling in the FranXX
ED: After the Rain
JP VA: Soma Saito (Honda-san)
EN VA: Erica Mendez (Retsuko)
Director: Atsuko Ishizuka (APFTTU)
Animation: Violet Evergarden
Film: Mirai
Character Design: Aggretsuko
Anime of the Year: APFTTU
Fight: Hina vs Anzu (Hinamatsuri)
Best Continuous: Magus' Bride
Most were by default by particularly getting the rest of the noms (or not seeing the show), some were the same as my seasonal or yearly vote on here.


Straw Hat Pirate
Im amazed Magus Bride got a nom for its mediocre 2nd cour. March Comes in Like a Lion should be a shoe in for that award.

Very disappointed to see Yuru Camp get shafted.

For me Deku vs Bakugo was the best fight and highlight of MHA S3.

At least Wotakoi's Opening got some love I guess.


Karamatsu Boy
Apparently I liked MEGALOBOX more than I thought since it won quite a few of my votes. It's weird that you had to pick a dub actor to proceed; as I never watch dubs I just voted based on who had the coolest-sounding name. I assume there were plenty of dub fans in the same position with the seiyuu question.

Protagonist: Sakuta
Antagonist: Momonga
Best Boy: Sakuta
Best Girl: Mai
OP: Darling
ED: Revue Starlight
JP VA: the hell with the choices.. nao toyama I guess from those.
EN VA: only thing in English I watched was some pokemon lol, how am I supposed to vote.
Director: Yorimoi
Best Animation: Yorimoi
Film: didn't watch any of those but Liz cause I like the franchise
Character design: ffs... violet ugh
AOTY: Yorimoi easy