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He sounds whiny at times which for me reinforces that opinion hes just a whiny kid. When he is more complicated than that and one of my most favourite protagonists ever and he doesn't get a fair hearing from most people.
Like 3.33 for its flaws I can see why it did what it did with Shinji.
It seems inevitable that regardless of who voices him that Shinji will be the embodiment of teenage angst protagonists in anime, It’s just a result of NGE being such as iconic anime.

I feel that redubbing could change that opinions for newer watchers but a majority of fans will still either see him as a whiny kid or sympathise with his situation. He’s a very marmite character.
I do wonder how Netflix is gonna go against Disney (losing all those films) and WB losing stuff like FRIENDS so it could change dramatically. And I still own everything I love on home media, including most marvel films so all the people moaning and its making me see the value of Home media again.

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For anime that are hundreds and hundreds of episodes long, streaming g is a bloody godsend so bring it on. Plus the speed, plus no BBFC.

Hope their deal is better than our Amazon Prime one, pay the same money for less content.
Hulu blocks the UK doesn't it? So how is it a godsend to us?
It isn't, but I don't think it adversely impacts the UK either. Hulu would premiere simuldubs and big anime with no dub I imagine, and then it'll move over to Funimation.
Effectively, they're replacing Toonami with Hulu. The only way that affects us is because currently we have to wait until Toonami has screened something before FunimationNow UK can, and they'll change it so that we wait until Hulu has screened it instead which probably means the UK doesn't have to wait a week so Toonami can replace whatever anime it is with Captain America because it's thanksgiving.
They've not specified anything yet but its possible they'll show either just the big animes of the season or only the first few episodes in order to up the number of Funi subscribers.