The News Thread (for news that does not need a thread)

A lot of speculation going on about the potential new rug for Evangeliom. Rumours flying if they're getting any of the old cast or not. A lot of thoughts as to why it may be being redubbed beyond just artist interest.

One is that, like many dubs frok that era, the right to it were held by ADV (aje now by Sehtai I assume) and the licensor would rather have one they fully own or possibly due to possible bad relations between AEV/Sentai and GWINAX? Can't confirm any of it though.
They’re likely trying to match the impending live action adaptation cast to the animated version.
A sneak preview below:


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Hoping to see some After the Rain, LOTGH & Starlight love. They could easily be passed over.

Second half of 'Lion should be in there, that was a good'un.
I'll probably end up voting Yuru Camp in every possible category tho ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Yeah it’s one of the CR shows that’s up in the air. S2 was amazing as I’ve only seen it due to FUNi/Cr finally releasing it. The film is okay. So looking forward to s3
Ah I see. I do wish they’d confirm with these titles if they are definitively lost or not. I’ve Given up and purchased Free! S1 but stuff like Ace Attorney has been largely absent since its announcement.

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Though I think it would be nice to bring the old cast back, I don't grrl as strong about this as I feel about the Fruits Basket English cast coming back for its reboot qjd it isn't anything to do with my opinions on each show.

With the Ebangelion cast, they at least got to perform as those characters again in the later movies and inject what they had learned aw dub actors as well as benefit from more experienced directors. Fruits Basket's cast only ever got the one go during Funimation's earlier years.