The *Im looking for* thread.


A usa friend has these for sale. I can pick these up if anybody wants these

Harukana Receive Complete Series
Radiant Season 1, Part 1
Natsu no Arashi
Arrow of the Orion
Ace Attorney Season 2, Part 2
Restaurant to Another World Complete Series
Ace Attorney Season 2, Part 1
All Out Complete Series
This Art Room Has a Problem
Votoms OVA & TV Collections
Rocket Girls Complete Collection
Pet Shop of Horrors
Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress Essentials

My sentai guy will receive some Viz titles next week.

If there is any funimation titles your looking for let me know. This includes new or old titles. Orders will be dispatched in December.
Is your Sentai guy able to get Haikyu season 3 premium edition?


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I was curious if anyone knows where to buy English translated Light Novles online other than Amazon?
Physically wise. I just checked and they do them (I searched for Monogatari and Boogiepop as I know they are LNs)
I also found that there's an introduce a friend scheme. Click the link below for 10% off your first purchase.

*Disclaimer = I will be sent a 10% code for every time someone uses the offer.

Digitally, there's Bookwalker:


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looking for a cheap NTSC copy of the Futurama movie Beast With a Billion Backs on dvd, probably a long shot since i assume anyone that has it here will probably just have the PAL dvd version


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Sentai K-On Premium Box

I didn't know I wanted that box (I had knowingly passed it, when it was released), but seeing it go away here most recently for 80, I realized I probably was interested in it after all...


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Oh, and another thing.

Vofan - Colorful Dreams Artbook

Snatched it for 17€, but the package got lost. >_>"
I got a refund, but no such nice price be there anymore. So, before I bite the bullet, anyone want to get rid of their's?