The Gundam Thread


Mad Scientist
I haven't seen build fighters so can't comment fairly on it but I gather it's fairly popular. It's got quote a high episode count though, hasn't it? So a physical release would probably only work if it was handled like a long-running Shonen series.


Karamatsu Boy
I would actually really like to see Build Fighters. The messy streaming situation (some episodes were locked away from us intermittently, I believe) and the general lameness of YouTube made me stop watching early on and I wasn't hooked enough to import the JP release, but I'd definitely be up for a local version.



Comic Book Guy
Build Fighters is a bit of a weird 'un for me. I mean, the premise of it sounds pretty bottom-of-the-barrel. But enough people told me it was genuinely great that that I'm actually pretty curious about it now.

It also earned the dubious recommendation from one pal that 'It's, like, the most anime Gundam ever!'


Yeah. That's what I thought. :/

Also, fully with Rui on the 'general lameness of YouTube' thing. It was a rare case where I thought 'maybe I could give it a go' - but my local connectivity is unusually awful lately. And it was never that great to begin with.