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Couldn't find a general bargains topic and so this seemed like the best place to post this...
I think this may be a pricing mistake by Amazon, they're selling 6x Cadbury heroes advent calendars for £6. There's also a by 4 and save a further 5%.

That one looks odd as it says 6 x but then the total package weight seems to suggest it's only 1.

You'd probably have grounds to moan at Amazon if only 1 showed up though, so could be a good risk to take as it could be 6 of them that you get! :)
sigh ..I'm with HSBC and the banking app is down. I've been thinking of moving banks and might actually do it now.

I moved from HSBC to Nationwide recently, £200 cashback as well if you move over the stuff that fits the criteria.

They have a Flex regular saver which is currently 8% as well, but limited to £200 paid in PCM. Beats just about every other savings rate out there though for the money.

Edit - MSE article about it: Best bank accounts
While lurking on the forum earlier I noticed that today is the one year anniversary of when I joined 🥳

As someone who was completely new to actually posting on forums as opposed to lurking prior to this day one year ago, it's been genuinely fun to do so and hopefully I've managed to fit in despite some of my posts, mainly reviews, being almost as big as a later One Piece arc lol.