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Lots of rain this week. Looks like my plan to try and cut the grass for one last time this year might have to be ditched as getting rid of the cuttings get harder in October as the local dump closes at 4pm rather than 6pm.
Does anyone speak with Neil T? I miss him on AUKN and it won't even let me tag him!

I sent him a PM message back at the beginning of May hoping he would at least be signing in to the forum every once in a while to look around, but I never got any response from him. I'm less than 175 likes away from passing him into 5th place in the Highest Reaction Score category in the Members section, so he'd better hop to it already!
I need some help finding this cable. It a 4 pin to usb c. View attachment 30901
Is that a molex connector? You can find USB C to 4 pin molex connectors online.
Well, I'm leaving in 5 minutes to go to the hospital for my second total knee replacement, this time on my right knee. I will only be staying over one night and will be back home by supper time tomorrow. Then I'll be stuck sleeping in the motorized lounge chair in the living room for the next two weeks or so until I'm able to raise my leg enough to get into bed to sleep. The chair is not very comfortable for sleeping. Off I go, to do it again!
That's good news, some parts got hit quite badly from the media reports. Nothing much in North Hampshire other than rain & strong winds blowing lots of leaves down.