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School Idol
That winds me up because bank holidays make me forget what day it actually is 😕
Heh. They do make the following week feel a bit weird (Friday feels like Thursday, anyone?) but it's hard for me to actually forget which day it is because of routine and such.


I remember looking forward to Bank Holidays for the extra day off, but now I actually want to work them because of extra money.
I won't be working next Monday though because I'm off to Ireland for a holiday!


I can't believe they are allowed to make people give up their bank holiday especially how people fought for them in the past. Of course people can still work them but I believe they should get overtime pay.

Denny Fisher

Thousand Master
So ill I just got released from hospital with pancreatitis. I can't see a bloody thing either and I have all this anime to watch. 😭


AUKN Staff
MCM was good, pretty well ventilated. I am also reminded of how socially awkward I am with human interaction sometimes. How I’ll survive outside of Uni life I do not know.


AUKN Staff
Yea? Welcome to hell
Hopefully you'll keep in touch with someone from uni
I hope so too, we have a WhatsApp and graduation in July so I’ll see more of them yet.

On the topic of keeping in touch I did bump into someone I knew from Sixth Form unexpectedly so there’s that. Hadn’t seen them in ages.


Dragon Knight
It's been absolutely years since I bumped into anyone I went to school with. I've got the social skills of a Dorito, so it was just a few seconds of awkward small talk in the cereal aisle of Asda.

Then again, I don't use Facebook/Instagram, so I'm gradually forgetting what everyone looks like. I'd probably walk past most of them without even realising. 🤖


Flame Haze
School was absolute hell for me, so I really could care less about reunions or meeting up with anyone from that period. Aside from Neil and work aquaintances, I actually don't have any friends to speak of, and, tbh, I really don't feel like I'm missing out. I think you tend to become more selective as you become older with regards to who you choose to develop friendships with anyway, and one or two close friends are certainly more valuable than 1000+ Fakebook "friends" - I see many comments on YouTube that follow along the lines of "hey, I don't know you, but I like your art - let's be friends!" 😆

I consider myself a friendly and approachable person; I'm just not prepared to invest my time and energy into something that's superficial!

I don't use Facebook/Instagram