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So I put this in the Doctor Who discussion thread but I know not many people look on here.
Finally have another article out. It’s another collab that discusses the importance of film preservation and restoration in the 21st Century.
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Interesting stuff. It's disturbing knowing that every episode of EastEnders is archived for future generations, yet years of quality BBC material is lost forever.


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Its a shame Mrs Browns Boys wasnt made back then. Although, its comedy wouldn't look out of place in that era.😩
The BBC would probably broadcast it and then pull it after the first episode following a massive moral outrage.

The ITA (regulator and broadcaster for the ITV companies at the time) would have more than likely not allowed it through their pre-vetting. :)

It was very good thanks, @Neil.T ! I'm now just about caught up with things again. Wonder how long that'll last :p

Are you still off work? How's the extended rest been?
It's really good, buddy. 😁
I'll never turn down four days off in a row if I'm offered them, put it that way!

Just about to watch an old cartoon film of Transformers from the '80s. I had an audio tape version of it as a kid, and I recently stumbled across a second-hand DVD of it, so I bought it out of curiosity since I've never seen the film proper. Should be interesting.

I should probably really be watching something from my unwatched anime selection, but... 😅

Managed to read the first manga volume of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure in one sitting this morning as well. That's a loan from the library, and they've also got volume 2, so that'll be next. :)

But yeah, you know what backlogs are like, dude! I don't think you'll be up to date for very long. 😆
Especially not with weekly Shounen Jump online! What's running in that at the moment? I'm not up to speed with it.
Don't blame you there! I've barely used any of my annual leave so far this year, so I'm going to have an unholy amount left this summer. Can't wait for that :p

Geez, a film on an audio tape? How did that even work? o_O I hope it lives up to your expectations anyway :p

Ahh, I've never even thought to check whether my local library has any manga. Might be worth having a look, although I kinda suspect it wouldn't have much I'm interested in. I take it you enjoyed the first volume then? I personally felt JoJo's started off really weak and only started getting good during Stardust Crusaders, although I've only watched the anime. Don't ask why I watched about 50 episodes of a show I wasn't particularly enjoying up to that point either :p

Shounen Jump has far too much running in it at the moment! They rejigged it a month or so ago and it now has an absolute ton. I personally am particularly fond of Food Wars, Haikyuu and Dr. Stone. My Hero Academia and We Can't Study too... but I'm reading most of them to be honest :p