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Hummm strange, reboot of Apple TV didn’t work, but sign out and back in did, my queue is back. First time login credentials got somehow messed up on the Apple TV.


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When writing code on your laptop on a train that is full and standing due to the previous train being cancelled saves you from insanity. @_@;;

(Having a reserved seat is lovely)



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I was watching anime on the app via the iPad and it wouldn’t work for a while, now it’s fine. I’m anticipating it breaking down again though.


State Alchemist
So my Amazon Prime trial has alerted me to a problem with HDCP on my PC when I tried to watch a couple of films. It seems like at some point recently it became disabled for reasons unknown - All my hardware supports it but I can't seem to re-enable it even after uninstalling and reinstalling my graphics and monitor drivers. So I can no longer stream in HD on HDCP protected services.

I didn't even know until it stopped working that HDCP existed. Sometimes ignorance is bliss. Nothing has ever made me want to stick both middle fingers up at the streaming services and fire up a torrent client as bad as this, I'm wasting time I could be spending watching things (or doing more productive things) fixing issues with their stupid invasive DRM that seemingly does nothing to actually stop piracy.

I'm guessing HDCP is publisher choice, given that I could stream After the Rain fine in HD? Either that or it only broke yesterday. Are there any lists of who uses it and who doesn't, so I can choose not to patronise anyone who requires it?
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