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What's your weekend viewing gonna be, @Arveene? :)
Most of the currently airing shows I'm currently watching... so far it's been last week's Kotobuki, Kemurikusa, Wataten and Manaria Friends along with this week's SAO, Date A Live and Jojo.

I've still got two weeks of Endro, this week's Girly Air Force, Bermuda Triangle, Spec Ops Asuka and Kotobuki to go.

And hopefully read this week's Shonen Jump and some of the JNC LN part releases I didn't get a chance to read earlier in the week.

Oh and I told @NormanicGrav I'd try and watch the first 5 eps of Quintessential Quintuplets.

...I'm beginning to think I may have been overly ambitious :p

Have you got any nice plans lined up for today, @Neil.T ?
Wow, you're gonna be busy with that lot, @Arveene!

Just a lazy Sunday for me, really. A bit of pottering around the house. I've got four days off in a row as well, so that's a bonus.

Hope you have fun with what you're watching/reading, bud. :)