The Gaming News Thread (for news that doesn't need a thread)

For anyone on the fence about buying Final Fantasy XVI at launch, here's Digital Foundry's verdict on how it performs:

Short version: quality mode offers a solid 30fps and generally excellent visuals, performance mode makes significant cuts to visual quality and can't maintain a solid 60fps outside combat (it apparently takes some drastic steps to hit a locked 60 in combat). Most impressively for a modern AAA game, it seems to have launched in a generally bug-free state. It just looks like performance mode has room for improvement.

Nevermind the quality difference with the performance mode the biggest knock is this line here:
It turns out that when the developers mentioned they were targeting 60fps in battle only, they meant exactly that. The second you initiate combat, the internal resolution drops like a stone, hitting as low as 720p in the process.

That's a big yikes there, with as powerful as the PS5 is and they cannot even manage 1080p at 60 fps, this must be an incredibly poorly optimised game or they simply didn't care about making it run well at all.
I found the Nintendo Direct great!

Starting with stuff we've already known about, was nice to see more from Sonic Superstars, P5T and the MGS collection, it including the NES version of Metal Gear as well as Snake's Revenge plus the digital graphic novels is pretty sweet.

Looking forward to the PKMN Scarlet / Violet DLC and finally seeing the sequel to Detective Pikachu, titled Detective Pikachu Returns. I still need to pick-up the original on 3DS though. Pikmin 4 looks fun, I've only ever play a little of Pikmin 3 and enjoyed it, is a series I wanna properly get into though.

Now onto the new announcements, carrying on with Pikmin, was nice to see another GameCube shadow drop with Pikmin 1 and 2, making the entire main series available in one place now.

Star Ocean is a series I'm yet to play but the SO2 remake looks pretty decent! I always welcome more Dragon Quest as well, considering how long ago this was teased, was great to see gameplay and it releasing this year as well, on my plan to buy list along with The Adventure of Dai.

Now the plethora of Mario and Mario related titles all look fantastic. Never expected a Super Mario RPG remake, I'd bought the SNES original on the Wii U eshop prior to is closing but yet to play it, I'll just wait for this now. A new Peach game is another unexpected surprise, also been meaning to play the DS Peach game for God knows how long. Luigi's Mansion 2 remaster was cool to see as well, hopefully we'll get the original released on Switch eventually as well. The new WarioWare looks very similar to the Wii entry which is my fav in the series so I'm happy with that and finally Mario Wonder looks... "Wonderful", finally leaving behind the NSMB style. Loving the art style, new power-ups and playable Daisy, another must-buy.

Overall I'm very pleased with this Direct, a shame no Metroid Prime 4 but I wasn't holding out any hope just yet 😂 I also find it humorous they didn't even include the new 1-2-Switch game anywhere during the presentation.
Star Ocean 2 was the highlight for me. I own the whole series and SO2 being remade is amazing for me.

Mario Wander looked awesome, Martio RPG remake is cool, I love PIkmin so I am happy there as well, the new Warioware game is appreciated and obviously looking forward to Metal Gear collection.

Overall I am very happy too.
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CD Projekt Red are also dropping a big update for CP2077 on the 5th, including: a fully working Metro System and new hangouts with romance characters amongst other things. Shame I already finished my replay.
Looks like I've got a bit longer than I thought to save up.
Seems the rumours of a female protag was true, although maybe to keep the misogynists happy you can choose between the female or the male character? We see them both do the stick at the end
While I've been impressed by the 'interactive documentary' approach Digital Eclipse took to Atari 50 and The Making of Karateka, this is the first time they're tackling a subject I have nostalgia for: national treasure, Jeff Minter. Confirmed to include 42 games.

So anyone hear about the insomniac hack so many games that have not even been announced have been leaked up to 2032/3 this is worst part of the leak the developers personal details like home address passport photos old and new security numbers got was an ransomware attack insomniac games didn't give in to the demands of the hackers so the hackers is carried out their threat of leaking it if didn't get the money
In better mobage news, Arknights developers Hypergryph have finally announced a February 27th release for Ex Astris. Unlike their Arknights titles Ex Astris will be a premium buy-to-play game.