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Bandai Namco have a few decent items on there VIP Corner there's a gundam artboard for 4000 pts a luffy keychain for 3000 pts and a vibrating chopper plush for 10000 pts
Anyone after the Fairy Tail and Attack on Titan DLC for Dead Or Alive 5 Last round, they are getting delisted for all platforms on June 20th (Fairy Tail) and July 18th (Attack on Titan).


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Got an email from Marvelous. Peach Beach Spash collectors edition goes live tomorrow (June 6th) at 10:30am. Doesn't say what the CE comes with.

On twitter they said there will be a normal version in ratailers and a CE from their store.
Pokemon Direct tomorrow at 3PM.

Can't wait to see what is announced once I come home from work. Perhaps it might Pokemon Stars for Switch or Sun/Moon ports. Or maybe Diamond/Pearl remakes.


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Peach Beach Splash CE is up for pre-0rder on Marvelous' site.

Girls of Paradise collectors edition £59.99
Girls of Paradise collectors edition DX £169.99

Comes with:

SENRAN KAGURA Peach Beach Splash Standard Game
Blu-Ray Disc containing a compilation of all SENRAN KAGURA opening animations
Art Book detailing the Girls' summer adventures
SENRAN KAGURA Peach Beach Splash Original Soundtrack
Downloadable Content Pack containing:
Soaking Wet Uniform Costume
Colourful Bikini Costumes
Futomaki Roll Bazooka Special Weapon
Bebeby Pet Card
Set of Skill Cards

DX version comes with the same plus a 2kg Peach Beach Splash Mousepad of Yumi.


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I was fully expecting a Switch Pokemon, and I am very dissapointed. I'll buy the 3DS games but I was really expecting to not touch my 3DS again, honestly.


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I was certain Pokemon wouldn't come to Switch just yet, they sold over 15 million copies of Sun/Moon on 3DS, we'll get Pokemon on Switch when there's 15 Million Switches out there, so next holiday.


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I bought a switch the other day but bother opening it yet. May just take it back bad new last few days. No AAA titles are coming to it and the ones that are .are being watered down like fifa very frustrating
Can't say another Pokemon game does much for me, played about 8 hours of Sun and was bored for about 7 and a half of them (which is annoying as I bought the 3DS just to play it, and now I feel I wasted my money. Probably see if I can sell it soon). Pokken was also pretty awful tbh.

I hope Nintendo has a good e3 this weekend, gimmie dem Xenoblade details. Speaking of E3, is someone more talented than I making a thread for it this year?
Never got round to buying Pokken on Wii U, but will buy the Switch version day 1. Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon look good, it was a nice surprise out of nowhere. Loved Sun and Moon so day 1 purchase for sure, and I don't mind it being in 3DS as I still love playing on mine. Also nice to see Worldwide release for Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon this time around. The best news for me has to be Gold and Silver coming to the Virtual Console, my original copies of Gold and Silver no longer save, even though I own HGSS, I have fond memories of the originals so can't wait to go through them again plus with the best game corner in the series. Pokemon Bank support is awesome too :D
If Nintendo are happy to let gamefreak drag it's feet and not at least provide a Switch port for their big handheld franchise as well as not bother to release the best version of Gen 2 on VC then I've been wrong about nintendo this whole time and I've been defending the actions of idiots.
ATLUS USA has confirmed Etrian Odyssey 5, Shin Megami Tensei Strange Journey Redux and Radiant Historia all for the 3DS. Etrian Odyssey 5 is coming autumn 2017 while the other 2 are early 2018.