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Aww, look at Ramiel Geometric Lad Ramiel carrying his Spear of Longinus! Bless. 😆
Apparently the Spear is one of the items you can pick up and use in battle in the game.

Battle Orchestra is something I've looked up bits and pieces about before. It's a beat-'em-up a bit like Nintendo's Super Smash Bros. series, and you can play as a bunch of Eva units or Angels — including Lilith! There's even a cameo appearance by the Gunbuster.

This pair of short YouTube videos shows the special attacks of each character, and those of Leliel (the Angel on the left in that Twitter image) and Lilith in particular are completely mental. One of Leliel's moves in the first video sees it open a pocket dimension and bombard its opponent with the regurgitated contents of it, including skyscrapers and a battleship! And, raising the stakes even beyond that, Lilith's "death blow" manoeuvre in the second has her initiate Third Impact just to deplete the other player's energy bar by half. Overkill? 😅

Those videos also show a trio of unfamiliar Eva units. The silvery white one is Unit-04, which was unseen in the original TV series. (That was the experimental unit that blew up at one of NERV's US bases.) The other two are Evas Type Beta and Unit Alpha. The first of these two made its debut in the game Detective Evangelion, which @Professor Irony took a look at in the Eva simulwatch thread:

In Battle Orchestra, Unit-04 is piloted by Kensuke; I never pictured him as a brawler. Type Beta has Kaworu as its pilot, as per Detective Evangelion. Unit Alpha, making its debut in Battle Orchestra, is apparently driven by a Dummy Plug, specifically the Rei Ayanami type. (For clarity, that was the Dummy Plug that was responsible for destroying Bardiel/Eva Unit-03 while controlling Unit-01, as opposed to the Kaworu model that was plugged into the Mass Production Evas in The End of Evangelion.)

As a last bit of trivia about Alpha and Beta, their Japanese names are Kougouki and Otsugata (Unit Kou and Type Otsu). We came across the terms kou and otsu during the Eva simulwatch.
Rewatching Evangelion continues to turn up new stuff. Noticing the terms kou and otsu on the monitor showing both halves of the 7th Angel, a quick Web search brought me to this interesting page:
The terms are used in contracts in Japan to refer to individual participants in the way that "hereafter Party A" and "hereafter Party B" would be used in English.

Meanwhile, the alpha designation would resurface in some form in Evangelion 3.0, where Kaworu and Shinji have the symbols Α and α respectively on the backs of their plugsuits.
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That's brilliant! 🤣
I love it.

The dialogue basically just mimics lines from Eva to create a serious tone ahead of the punchline. In case anyone's interested, it reads:

Shinji: Huh?

Misato: Oh no!
Shinji! Dodge it!

The sound effects are either just Geometric Lad looming overhead or are perhaps imitating the sound he makes in 1.0. I'd like to believe it's the latter.