Get in the Simulwatch - Neon Genesis Evangelion [End of Eva - 21/7]


Great Teacher
Vol 3

Some very interesting developments in this vol 3. As the series reaches the halfway point the character drama has reached breaking point with confessions of love (or like as the language used) and also some confrontations of motivation! Probably the. Most interesting thing the series does is act as a comparison to the main series. In the main series Shinji always feels alone and bottles up his emotions which inturn affects how people treat him. Here he starts with a big friend group and when problems arise he always has someone to talk to about it. It may not solve his problem but hes a far more open and dare I say it, interesting character.

What's really interesting here is the way Shinji is pulled between Asuka, Rei and Kaworu. Asuka doesnt want anything to change for her sake, Kaworu wants the status quo to remain for Shinjis sake and Rei wants to make the most of this rare opportunity she has to live a life for once. Shinji for his part is scared of the changes he's seeing in his friends and himself. The simple life is now over, which he didnt want, and he doesnt know how to react to it. Toji and Hikari are jow a couple, Rei confesses to Shinji and Aida confesses to Asuka. This causes Kaworu to berate Rei and Asuka just runs away from poor Aida. Almost everyone is embarrassed and the fractures have formed!




I still havent recieved vol 4 yet but hopefully wont be much longer as I'm really enjoying it so far.

Professor Irony

Cursed Image
Finally got back to looking at the games again today. I see the two Girlfriend of Steel titles have actually been fan-translated in their entirity (I was sure at least one of the Eva games must have been), so I'll probably consider them at more length another time. The two that stood out to me the most otherwise are Secret of Evangelion, which seems to offer an alternate/supplementary take on the EoE part of the story, and Detective Evangelion, which is... bananas, frankly.

Mainly another visual novel-style adventure game with free-roaming brawler action elements (what a combination), Detective Evangelion sees Shinji roped into investigating a spate of strange murders in Tokyo-3 that have begun to include NERV personnel. Despite doing some digging around, however, I've not been able to pin down exactly how the game sets up its story. All the main cast is present in broadly the same roles, but it doesn't seem to follow the continuity of the series at all beyond that.

There is a playthrough on youtube with English commentary by someone who is able to read Japanese, but it's a fairly long game and, although the circumstances of Shinji meeting Rei are very different (he saves her from a kind of zombie monster thing, because of course), I've not yet seen anything about what Shinji's actual connection with NERV is this time round.

Although it's a slight departure from the art style of the series, the game is quite nicely presented and seems to mainly revolve around picking the right conversation choices to get new keywords that will open up further dialogue and advance the story. Any further details on the game in English are pretty sparse, but thanks to reddit and a French wiki, I did find out about some of the stranger events towards the end.

It's not clear if there is more than one ending, but apparently Gendo is murdered, Ritsuko shoots herself after detonating a bomb at the SEELE HQ and Kaji is crushed to death in his garden during an Angel attack. Misato plays a big role in the game, as her father reappears, now a scientist at SEELE, but after an apparent reconcilliation with Misato, transforms and reveals that he is an Angel himself. Misato sends the Eva units to dispatch him, leading to a scene where Shinji begs for her forgiveness, but she accepts that this had to happen and thanks him for what he has done.

I'll not link them directly, but screengrabs for all these events are easy to find on google images.

Perhaps realising how mad this version of the story is, the game also doesn't appear to be taking itself entirely seriously, including a mini-game with Unit 01 doing ten-pin bowling and what looks very much like a cameo appearance for Nadia as one of the victims.

There was a manga officially released in English as The Shinji Ikari Detective Diary, which I assumed would be an adaptation of this game (according to wiki, one does exist), but it's actually a very different thing. The concept is sort of similar, but the story is entirely different, instead sending Shinji off to work with Kaworu at a detective agency run by Kaji, after breaking an expensive vase (Ouran, much?).


So, I promised a while back to give a bit of an explanation of some of the things going on in the video of the Sega Saturn game First Impression, and I'll finally make good on that promise now.

So, as @Professor Irony already mentioned, Shinji loses his memory during an Angel attack, and Asuka decides to make a bit of mischief with it.

She asks Shinji about this and that, things that he doesn't recall now, and then throws a curve ball. "Don't you even remember your girlfriend, Hikari?" she asks.

Shinji is shocked. "I have a girlfriend?!" he exclaims. Asuka assures him that he indeed does.

Back at school, Asuka puts on an act for the girls in class, including Hikari. "Shinji's lost his memory," she bemoans, "and now he doesn't even remember the hot kiss we shared." The girls, Hikari included, are absolutely appalled by Shinji's lack of sensitivity.

Later, in the school grounds, Hikari pulls Shinji aside for a private word. She confronts him with her anger that he could be so insensitive as to ignore a girl's feelings. Shinji puts two and two together and, unbeknownst to him, comes up with five. Thinking on his feet, he decides that he'd better take decisive action and... kisses Hikari. 😅
Oh dear!

(This was actually as a result of a choice of two options offered to the player in typical visual novel style.)


Later in the game, in Shinji's absence, Asuka and Rei are dispatched in their Evas to tackle the Angel, but are unable land even a single blow against it. Ritsuko realises the awful truth: the Angel has actually stolen Shinji's memory and now has a working knowledge of Rei and Asuka's combat techniques! 😱
Clever, eh?

Shinji then returns to NERV to try to combat the Angel himself.


One other thing I thought was worthy of comment was how some of the characters seem to relate to each other somewhat differently from how they do in the anime. Misato is seemingly on the kind of terms with Asuka that allow her to call her an idiot in jest and, also, Rei calls Shinji "Shinji-kun" in the more familiar way Misato does, rather than her usual, more distant "Ikari-kun", using his surname.

Shinji is heard calling Rei "Ayanami-san" rather than his regular "Ayanami", but this can be explained by his memory loss making him unfamiliar with all around him, and addressing people more politely as a result.