The Anime/Manga I Bought Today Was...


Magical Girl
Lost an auction of Dragon Ball Super - Part 8, but was offered a second chance, so I purchased it.

EDIT: Part 8, not 9...
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Hidamari Sketch SP and Honeycomb from Rightstuf. Used my new Monzo card and it was almost £2 cheaper thanks to a better exchange rate. Items themselves are valued just under the £15 customs rate so fingers crossed they arrive without issue.
My Australian Mirai came through today. 3 hours of extras and the disc is a little better too (it has a signs only track for the English dub) Happy. Anyone know what the AU Your Name is like?

Edit: just remembered it’s the same disc, or at least the first run...


Magical Girl
Since it's pay day tomorrow, I put in some orders for the month:

From a user on
Kill la Kill - Part 1
Kill la Kill - Part 2
Kill la Kill - Part 3

From Eureka:
City Hunter
Iron Monkey

From Buyoyo:
Mad World 4K


oofff! expensive going off of Anime On Line just now, a couple of things I would have been waiting for this year anyway
Attack on Titan season 3 part 1
Garden of Sinners movie collection - Bluray
Fate/Apocrypha part 1

Girls wIth Guns

Pokémon Master
Just put in a Rightstuf order for three in-stock items:

Attack on Titan Season 3 Part 1 Limited Edition Blu-ray/DVD + GWP
Kimagure Orange Road OVAs + Movie Blu-ray
Elfen Lied Steelbook Blu-ray


Pokémon Master
Today I bought the following:

Nogizaka Haruka & Purezza
Darling in the Franxx Part 2
CCS: Clear Card 1&2
My Hero Academia Season 1
Black Clover Parts 2+3