The Anime/Manga I Bought Today Was...


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Not seen Radiant, but several of the others I enjoyed. MonMusu and School-Live!, Konohana Kitan of course. I didn't even mind Danganronpa, I felt there were a lot worse game adaptations.

AssClass I never got round to finishing but was good as far as it went. Similar with Magical Girl Raising Project. As far as adaptations go they're reasonably faithful without being slaves to the source material and I don't have any complaints. But I don't have the most discerning palate, really.
Radiant started out decent, almost killed itself with awful filler and then had a very decent arc that unfortunately had less depth and character development than the manga. It’s decent but unfortunately nothing more.
[Pedant mode]Radiant is a comic as it's by a French person[/pedant mode] 😜
Certainly MAL EDIT: hasn't got it in their database. According to wiki it's a Manfra, a comic from France in a manga style.
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Aw, that's a pity. I can understand though. I don't generally pay attention to studios too much, but...

Oh, Lerche apparently did Konohana Kitan. You're missing out if you like that kinda show.
And Hakumei and Mikochi. Haven't seen too many people talk about it, possibly because it's on HiDive. But if you like, as you seem to, SOL stuff I definitely recommend it.


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Next up on the collection haul is...

In Another World With My Smartphone
Complete Series Limited Edition Blu-ray & DVD
Considering the prices between the online stores were practically the same I decided to go ahead and place my order for the Smartphone series. I haven't watched the anime yet but I wanted to own it regardless. Was going to wait until Death March got released and order them both together but I figured I'll get it now in case the conversion prices go up.

Star Blazers 2199 was almost ordered alongside this but I decided to hold out in the meantime.

Pigtails & Other Production I.G. Shorts
Film Collection Collector's Edition Blu-ray & DVD
I had to hold off on this set during the Christmas sale but I'm happy to see that it went back on early bird once again. It's now estimated to arrive at the end of the month which is neat. My main concern is that apparently the entire set is subtitled only, when Kick Heart I believe actually got an English dub (heck it even aired on Toonami).


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Just got Fate/Stay Night: Heaven's Feel I - Presage Flower (The Movie) Limited Collector's Edition Region B Blu Ray from AUS via. Madman. Proper gutted as it comes with a thin cardboard outer box which came in the post with creases, wrinkles and bends :( AVOID!

I did tweet MVM on Twitter though and received word that the UK release of this in April, with the exact same contents, should have a chipboard outer box! My OCD will be happy!!

So lesson to self here! Don't always jump the gun and be impatient. Do not get AUS Collectors Imports unless you know the materials are of a sturdy build! :)

On a more positive note, I am at least happy with my simple Amaray copy of Fate/Apocrypha Part 1.