The Anime/Manga I Bought Today Was...


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Over these days I bought quite a few shows. Everything blu ray obv.

From the AL sale

Hyouka 1 CE

Outside the sale

Hyouka 2 CE

From MVMs store and/or sale

Love Live! School Idol Project Season 1 CE
Love Live! School Idol Project Season 2 CE
Fate/Stay Night: Unlimited Blade Works Part 1
Fate/Stay Night: Unlimited Blade Works Part 2 CE
Princess Principal CE
And You Thought There Is Never A Girl Online?
Girlish Number
Broken Blade
Nyan Koi!
Sakura Trick
Photo Kano

5 Centimeters Per Second
Garden of Words

From Amazon US

Tsuki ga Kirei

Also setting up buying a couple shows from a user here

Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon?

Some prestige taste in anime I have to say x)

I'm so done for the year, time to start saving for the next christmas sale.


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Might not be the worst idea to host an AL/MVM mystery box trade thread- doubtless there'll be duplicates everywhere after all.

Might list mine later as it's MVM, AL, eBay and Secondspin for my Christmas Anime fix


As a change in pace I preordered
FMP IV CE As I can't be sure AL will include the Drama CD
Franxx pt 1 CE as if I dont hate it I would want the CE
Code Geass movie trilogy cos again AL ****** up


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The MVM Mystery Box (or Jiffy bag as it was last year 😉) Didn’t bother with AL this year so just this one as a present from my parents-though I won’t actually be unboxing it on Christmas Day.
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Got from the Holiday sale at Amazon US:
Basilisk - The Complete Series (Can this one be recommended?)
Dragon Ball Z - Season 6

Non-anime pick-up:
Knowing 4K
Edit: Also added Interstellar 4K to the order
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Got email from wordery with code ADVENT12 (buy one book and get 12% off everything else in your basket)...i think its only for christmas day. So i ordered:

Legend of the Galactic Heroes vol 8
Final fantasy VII: On the Way to a Smile
Fullmetal Alchemist: Fullmetal Edition
vol 2
Haikyu! vols 18-21 (i really need to catch up on the release)
Baccano! vol 9
The Rising of a Shield Hero vol 1
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Got Akame ga Kill, however it's the UK release, so it won't match my Part 2 US release. It was cheap, got it for £13 shipped from Amazon Italy.

They got some nice offers, like £5 for Golden Time - Collection 1, but couldn't buy it since it didn't seem like anything for me.


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I like golden time, I would get it for that price if collection 2 was cheap as well. I also rewatched it rather recently.

But can't be bothered with just half and having to deal with timing someone to help with receiving it. If I was always home would be another story tho


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From Rightstuf
The Pilot’s Love Song Premium Edition
Gatchaman TV+OVA Collection
Ghost Hound Blu Ray
$1 Blind box.

Was a hard deliberation as to whether I wanted the Gatchaman set or not but the price was ultimately too good to pass up on. Have no idea what the blind box will bring but it was $1 so. Mainly went for Pilot because these NIS America sets seem to be going OOP. Last year I missed out on Chronicles of Going Home Club so didn’t want to repeat that mistake this time around.

Thankfully I had some PayPal funds due to selling some duplicates and unwanted titles on eBay so this order only set me back around £22. Shame the exchange rate isn’t great, and I’m uncertain whether there’ll be customs fees or not, but that’s tomorrow’s problem for tomorrow’s me.
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