Simulwatch schedule and suggestions list

In the end, Anthem of the Heart and I want to eat your Pancreas tied for 1st place with 3 votes each.

As promised I have selected the winner by Get-Random in Powershell:

"Anthem","Pancreas" | Get-Random

Winner is Anthem! 🥳

I will give a +1 vote to Pancreas on the next vote so it has a better chance of winning next time, but still want to leave the votes open to chance :)

I'll also spin up a thread for it, possibly later on tonight, possibly tomorrow. Will edit this post when the thread is up.
I don't want to tread on toes as to what is being simulwatched here vs the renegade one.
No need to worry about that, dude. I don't have ownership of anything here; I just wanted there to be a coherent list and schedule for people to see. 👍

I've edited the Renegade Simulwatch Club link in the opening post to temporarily connect to the Anthem of the Heart thread.
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I've added the [RS] thread, so good if people wanna come along and see what stuff we want to consider for October :)

I've put some shows in my PTW that I haven't watched yet, and the remainder of the films as well from the vote. I'd like to get another one off film vote sometime soon, that was fun doing that.

@Neil.T I think Ergo Proxy was technically one I wanted to simulwatch before and was discussed here, we could move it to the [RS] schedule if you wanted to book something else in to the regular one :)
I don't have a means to watch Shiki as can't find it on a streaming service so I'll have to pass. When a date get's settled for Garden of Sinners though I'll join in on that one. I enjoyed those films and have been looking for an excuse to rewatch them. The main character being called Shiki is a strong coincidence.
Sorry it sucks that more people can't see it :(

It's been on my list for a while though, I hope at least some of us can. I am going in new to it, without any idea really what it's about, other than genre: horror.

Reminder to all that Shiki is starting on 15/09 so 2 days from now, thread: Shiki simulwatch [RS] (15th September)

I have Ping Pong scheduled for October, and Ergo Proxy for November, nothing for December yet but will probably decide that later on. dates for the others aren't set yet, will see if any other regular simulwatches get set so I can work around them.

Garden of Sinners is part of the regular schedule I think, I'd join to watch it though, I think they'd make for good rewatches.
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And nice comparison @D1tchd1gger with A Place Further Than the Universe: @Neil.T is the latter in the simulwatch suggestion list and if not would we be able to have that one on as well please? Thanks!
It's been added as per your request, my good man. 😁

This and that has made me fall off of the Barakamon simulwatch pace. I'll use the time saved by not taking part in the Shiki one to finish watching.

(For what it's worth, I have Shiki on DVD and watched it a few years ago, but I didn't really think that much of it. I'll still be reading the thread for it, mind.)