Simulwatch schedule and suggestions list


Za Warudo
Thanks, man. The link to the Garden of Sinners thread has been added to this thread's opening post. 👍

For what it's (not) worth, I don't have access to the series, so I'll have to give it a miss.

While I'm here, I was having a think about the potential Train to Busan trilogy simulwatch. For anyone who'd be interested in joining in, how would the week leading up to Halloween suit? I'd come up with the same kind of schedule idea as Vincent did for Sinners, one film every other day, so how about something like...
  • Seoul Station: Mon 25 October
  • Train to Busan: Wed 27 October
  • Peninsula: Fri 29 October
I selfishly picked those days because they're days off work for me 😛, but how does that sound? It also leaves a gap of a few days after Sinners finishes.
Sounds good. I ordered the series today too!

Geriatric hedgehog

Magical Girl
Thread made

I added the 8th film to the day afterwards. I figure movie 7 is still 2 hours long so it might be annoying for people to go straight into the finale after sitting through a 2 hour movie but your not waiting 2 days to watch what is essentially a small epilogue given it's own disc. Let me know if you guys prefer the other way for that though.
Awesome sauce and very much looking forward to this one. Good plan for a movie ever couple of days.