Overseas Rightstuf Xmas Sale 2016

Discussion in 'Anime Industry Discussion' started by NormanicGrav, Nov 17, 2016.

  1. IncendiaryLemon

    IncendiaryLemon Captain Karen AUKN Staff

    My first one didn't get hit, but my second one did. Luckily, my second one was the cheaper, so I didn't totally mind.
  2. Caren-O

    Caren-O Completely Average High School Student

    First one got hit (which was the most expensive one) and the second one didn't. Hope that the third and fourth one slip through as well.
  3. HWR

    HWR Stand User

    It does seem to be random (edit:well checking parcel value perhaps), did everyone get theirs via Swisspost or by another shipper?
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  4. Lambadelta

    Lambadelta Stand User

    Before you think its because its arriving at a EU courier, and then being delivered into the country.

    HMRC can see the origin country of the parcel pretty easily. The courier bringing it in doesn't mean anything. It just depends if your parcel is checked for its value which should be declared on the parcel.
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  5. Just Passing Through

    Just Passing Through Guild Member

    2 via Swisspost (3 items), 2 via USPS (2 items), I've only had one of the Swisspost packages come through so far.
  6. HWR

    HWR Stand User

    Ah thanks for clarifying, that makes sense. :)
  7. msgeek

    msgeek Magical Girl

    Got hit £96 on one package. ~30 Duty and ~56 VAT. sucks. must have gone over a limit.
  8. Stiivun

    Stiivun Magical Girl

    Got two TRSI sale orders shipped and i'm actually counting on getting hit with custom charges as they're large orders. When i don't get hit, i'll be over the moon :)
  9. st_owly

    st_owly Guild Member

    I always get a friend in the US to add stuff onto his RightStuf orders for me, then he ships them to me himself. That way I get a package from his home address with a handwritten label marked as a gift, rather than a package from RightStuf inc.
  10. Just Passing Through

    Just Passing Through Guild Member

    So I get the card through telling me there's a custom charge at 1:59pm today. The delivery office closes at 2pm. That's my package held hostage till next Wednesday!
  11. Stiivun

    Stiivun Magical Girl

    At least you already know when you'll get it, my first package has been held up in Elk Grove USA for over a week now :eek: Will need to check how far my second package is.
  12. Just Passing Through

    Just Passing Through Guild Member

    It's Servant X Service. Trust it to get caught in the gears and cogs of post office bureacracy! This one got shipping confirmation on the 9th. I have two others that were apparently dispatched on the 15th. One is still at Elk Grove, destined for the USPS, while other was passed onto Swisspost and is apparently in transit.
  13. Rosencrantz

    Rosencrantz Dragon Knight

    Man mine's taking forever to arrive. I didn't expect it to move quick over the xmas stretch but now we are 10+ days into the new year I expect some movement. Seems like it left Switzerland and entered Germany, and then the Germans are just sitting on it, when I'd expect it to simply continue on.
  14. Stiivun

    Stiivun Magical Girl

    Same here, second order is cleared by customs since January 4th, but customs is slow as snails here :) So for that second order i'll have customs fees to pay, which i actually calculated in when placing the order.

    But what is worse is that my first order is actually lost. Now in communication with TRSI to fill in a claims form for Asendia as the package never got further than Elk Grove Village since December 16th.
    Then it's just a case of a new shipment or refund.
  15. HellCat

    HellCat Straw Hat Pirate

    Picked up Gundam X and the Turn A movies. Got hit by a £20 custom charge.

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  16. HWR

    HWR Stand User

    I was very lucky and neither packages were hit. Best surprise was getting Shiki SAVE in the Limited edition packaging that they initially released to get rid of stock as opposed to the chunky Blu Ray case
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  17. Rosencrantz

    Rosencrantz Dragon Knight

    The path there shipping takes sure is weird.

    Starts in the US
    Then to the Netherlands (I assume Nl is meant to be NL otherwise it was in Nicaragua :))
    To Switzerland
    To Germany

    At what point should I assume I've been hit by customs or not I'm wondering?
  18. Rosencrantz

    Rosencrantz Dragon Knight

    Meh, not looking great for my order

    It's been in Germany for 2 weeks now, tracking hasn't update what so ever. Opened a ticket with Rightstuf, maybe they can chase it :(
  19. Rosencrantz

    Rosencrantz Dragon Knight

    I know Rightstuf is a legit and trustworthy company but they are messing me around something fierce.

    I opened a support case about the missing parcel and after a few weeks I was told the replacements were prepping and would be sent shortly. A week later my case is closed with no word things have been sent. I've spent a few days trying to contact them about this and finally got a tracking number, except this number says what ever was sent is on it's way to Chile. They are making enquiries with Assendia, with any luck it's an error on the shipping companies end supplying a wrong tacking number. That or someone in Chile is now getting my order in addition to whomever now has the one that went missing in Germany . :mad:
  20. Lambadelta

    Lambadelta Stand User

    I hate when that happens. My madman order went to someone in US. Just keep harassing them till they fix their issues.