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Tony’s suit just gives him wacky iron man like upgrades like lock on, different visions and an annoying AI that gives him a “battle mode” when he’s perfectly capable of taking down crooks without it


Monday, June 10th to Sunday, June 16th.

Game of Death
So yeah, I watched this one again... No, the english subs didn't make the movie any better. Still as boring and flat as the last time I saw it, only this time, I was determined to finish it. Aaaand it went straight to the "sell" pile. 2/10.

Hard Boiled
So I recently got this one, and it was the last one to go from my Asian Cinema collection (which means that I've seen all the stuff in that category!). Honestly, this wasn't as good as The Killer or A Better Tomorrow imo. It did have a lot of action though, and the final shootout was just awesome. Story wise, it just lacked for me. I'm going to keep it for now. 6.5/10.

Professor Irony

Cursed Image

No, I can kind of get that with Hard Boiled. It's my favourite of the John Woo movies I've seen, but there really isn't much to it outside of the three big set-pieces.

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Toy Story 4

A great movie that can safely stand side-by-slide with bits predecessors. It's into new areas of the mortality existentialistic themed the series had always been known for. It probably features the most co plex villain if he franchise who also goes in unexplored directions. The ending is even more definitive than he last movies meaning this is likely, probably, maybe the least one this time. You might miss some if the supporting cast as most of the plot is very Woody focused do that might disappoint some. But the little we die get mad me meant more which I cannot day is a bad thing at the end if the day.

Best animated film if the year do far. 9/10


Monday, June 17th to Sunday, June 23rd.

3 for me this week.

Spider-Man 2 [4K]
Many like this one the most of the Raimi trilogy, I find it to be the second best right after the first. Don't get me wrong, it's still really good, but I like the first one a bit better. Sony did it again with regards to the PQ, gorgeous. The story is really good as well, and MJ finally gets to Peter's secret. J. Jonah Johnson was just pure gold in this one! 8/10

Maquia - When the Promised Flower Blooms
Great film, it was my first time watching this one. I enjoyed the second half more though, as I didn't understand the first part since there was a lot going on in my opinion. But I liked the second half more, because it made the first make more sense. The ending was rough for me lol, but it also made me bump the rating up by a half. 9/10.

Spider-Man 3 [4K]
Definitely the less good of the trilogy. I still enjoyed it though, I've always liked it even with what everyone says. It basically holds a special place in my heart, as it's the first film I watched in the cinema. The story was okay, there was a lot of characters, who they had to keep up with. I really liked Venom's character design as well. 7/10.


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Kingsglaive: Final Fantasy XV

So I've never played any FF games (shocking I know) but recently a mate of mine positively insisted I see this. They actually kinda angry i hadn't. Holy molly it was good. The CGI is absolutely stunning. Yes the face movements are a little uncanny valley but oh boy the action was amazing and some of the shots in the final show down are truly artistic in design and composition.

I was also really surprised at how much story there was. The first half had enough going on to more than fill most action films and then the second half kept the surprises coming and just became so grand in nature.

It was easy to follow, and is quite expository at times filling you in on the world politics and what have you but that context definitely helps raise the stakes and invest you for the big set pieces.

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I wasn't initial,y going to rush out for Spider-Man: Far From Home but I hear its quite spoiler-y which I was not expecting.


Magical Girl

Well I had no idea what this was gona be about and it was very good. Most of the way it was interesting and pretty unique and I really enjoyed the fantasy setting, but my, the film really knew how to tug in the heartstrings for the final half hour. Definitely be ready to she dsome tears over this one!

The animation is great, the music can be very moving. You'll laugh, cry be filled with tension.



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I want to eat your pancreas

I have some things so say about this one, my English isn't enough to express what I really think about it, it just works to me, you see I've watched the live action about 1 year ago, it plays a bit different. Was it worse in that sense? I think so, I like how it played out there
MC becomes a teacher and tells her story to his student, I really liked how they played out the events, at the end he never really recovers that fast, the student tells him about a certain aspect in the library... which eventually comes into a book play made by her and he gets the letter and only after, at the girl BF marriage they come into terms with each other, like the MC girl wanted. I really liked the way it was done
anyway, aside from that, this is fantastic, in the way they animate the small details, the expressions, the sounds, the feelings.. I can almost touch them, it just works better on anime format, VA top notch, sumika kami like songs.

In a sense it's a shame, this could be a 10/10 to me, but I can't in good faith find it that good when there's a way out there to experience the telling in a more clever and unique way, overall KimiSui is a 9-10 /10 series to me, but neither the live action or the anime movie get that far. I wonder how the novel plays out, then again I think I don't need another retelling of this one, I can play this events from each in the way I want, in my mind. I wouldn't call it a special show to me, it's no Oregairu, it's no Clannad.. but I would be lying if I said I didn't cry on both formats, it's a great, really great writting. 8/10

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Spider-Man: Far From Home

A fun and ,ifht epilogue to phase 3 of the MCU that delves into the post-Endgame world as well as issues we still face today. Another standout MCU villain and probably one of the funniest scripts in the franchise so far.

And the mid-credits scene is a real stinger that'll really make you yearn for the follow up! Oh and also...

J K BLOODY SIMMONS!!!!! Soooo happy!



Magical Girl
Spider-man Far From Home

Agree with everything @Mr L has said. It's a very funny and charming film. We get to see the effect losing Tony has had on Peter and what that means to him both as Peter and as Spider-man.

Everyone brings their A game to their acting in this film. The story is great, the visuals are great.

Both the mid credit and end credit scenes are great aswell and worth staying for.



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After seeing someone tweet about it I've realised that this spiderman film is the perfect representation of the phrase With great power comes great responsibility. It didnt really occur to me at the time but it must be part of why I liked it so much.

Peter is literally handed an item of great power but doesnt feel ready so relinquishes responsibility, everything goes wrong and he needs to take it back and take responsibility for that power to save the day.


Monday, July 1st to Sunday, July 7th.

Small week for me, I'm just chilling and playing Breath of the Wild lol.

Ghostbusters [4K]
It had been way too long since I last watched this one, so I thought I'd revisit it. What can I say, it's a classic! - I loved Murray's character a little more this time (he's always been my favourite of them). The story was great, but also the effects that was used. Like the egg-cracking scene, how did they do it lol. About the PQ, nothing to say there, it's a Sony release, so it was gorgeous. 8/10.

Police Story 2 [Blu-ray]
So a month after watching the first one, my brother finally had time to watch the second one with me. A great sequel (which doesn't happen all the time), there was a time when I liked this one over the first. But I've realized the first one is better, don't get me wrong, this is still an absolute classic, but the first had way more action scenes and awesome stunts. This one was a little more story driven imo. The Eureka release was beautiful, and the mono audio was good. 8/10.


Totally missed this! - the last few days just went fast for me, I forgot to do this.

Monday, July 8th to Sunday, July 14th.

Ghostbusters 2 [4K]
So I figured I'd watch this one as I saw the first one the week before. It kinda took a step down, but I think it was still good. Very good comedy, I had some laughs. But, it's not on par with the first Ghostbusters, but that was a given. However, I would say that this is the best looking film I've ever seen on 4K to be honest, there was so much detail in the picture, it was as I was there! 6.5/10 but 10/10 for the PQ.

Sword Art Online - Ordinal Scale [Blu-ray]
After I had finished SAO II, I took a little break from the franchise to focus on other stuff (mainly Haruhi). Gotta say, this was a pretty great film, the story was different as it was now with AR, not VR. The visuals were also very nice, but that was because it's a movie and their budget was higher, compared to one episode of the series lol. Wasn't a big fan of the ending, SPOILER (Kirito getting that sword that basically one shots enemies). Other than that, I enjoyed it 8/10.

This one has always been a guilty pleasure of mine, and with the release of the 4K, I just had to get it. The movie itself is alright, but as said I really enjoy it. I've actually never seen any other Godzilla movie other than this, but I got Shin Godzilla last night. Otherwise, the PQ was good, there was a couple of scenes were it like goes to DVD quality, other than that it was really good. 7/10.


Godzilla [4K]
This one has always been a guilty pleasure of mine, and with the release of the 4K, I just had to get it. The movie itself is alright, but as said I really enjoy it. I've actually never seen any other Godzilla movie other than this, but I got Shin Godzilla last night. Otherwise, the PQ was good, there was a couple of scenes were it like goes to DVD quality, other than that it was really good. 7/10.
The best Godzilla is the original 1954 release. IMDB



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Just watched Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse and it was definitely as hyped to be. Very stylish and funny and easily the most entertaining movie from 2018. It's not without flaws but nothing majorly sticks out in a bad way.