Rate the last anime you watched out of 10

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  1. Neil.T

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    So they do (@johnnythm). Manga/Animatsu are conspicuous by their absence.

    Where's @EverybodyLovesJerome? :p
  2. Rui

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    Jerome does actually have an account here, he just doesn't post. I can't blame him; the guy is busy and small companies have to stay focused. He has never tried to hide the fact that for Manga, their main priorities lie with the general market rather than hardcore fans.

    I also doubt he's a massive fan of ours but that's just my personal and very biased impression.

  3. Neil.T

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    Hoh? I didn't know Jerome had an account.
    I'm intrigued now. What gives you the impression he's not a fan of us, Rui?
  4. Rui

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    Well, most of the stuff he moans about 'fanboys' doing is the exact stuff we effuse about over here. We're the kind of people who make his work harder, whereas his favourite class of people are those who lap up cheap sets without moaning about chapter stops or chipboard boxes or missing features (for perfectly rational, understandable reasons). He's dialed it back a lot nowadays but he used to shame 'fanboys' for spending money on premium sets or importing which encouraged infighting and put him at loggerheads with a lot of the hardcore buyers.

    At the end of the day if their business model doesn't revolve around the hardcore end of the market I'm not surprised he's putting his valuable time into sorting out new deals with supermarkets and cinemas rather than trying to get involved in the neverending wars about yellow subtitles versus white subtitles, or digipaks versus standard cases, or collector editions versus standards. It's not a good use of his time and we're very lucky that other reps are willing to brave the constant negative feedback!

    (I also got yelled at by him once on Twitter for similar reasons millions and millions of years ago which I am still actively annoyed about, but if he does ever want to post I will avoid letting my personal feelings become involved.)

  5. Neil.T

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    Oh, well. That'll be me off Jerome's Christmas card list, then! :p

    Hear, hear. Much respect to them for it.

    That's just unnecessary, surely. I guess that's Jerome off my Christmas card list, then!

    Was it anything like his anti-Evangelion 3.33 Twitter rants, may I ask? Those were fierce.
  6. Professor Irony

    Professor Irony Cardcaptor

    Serial Experiments Lain

    It's been a full week since I actually finished Lain and I'm still unsure how I feel about it as a series.

    At times, it's fascinating, like an exploded view of transhumanism as seen through the eyes of a child. It's one of the most densely layered things I've ever watched, every scene meticulously constructed and loaded with potential inner meaning.

    Equally though, I find it extremely hard work to get through. There seems to be simply so much going on that it becomes virtually impossible to take it all in and, while I know other people have had a very different experience of her, I never felt sufficiently invested in Lain as a character to really appreciate the gravity of what she is experiencing. I cared more about what was happening to Lain's sister and her friend Alice than I did about Lain herself (indeed I feel like a more conventional treatment of the same material would place Alice, not Lain as the main character). The final revelation is apparent at least a couple of episodes before the end of the series and, when the ending rolled around, my final thought was little more than "huh, that's that then".

    Despite this though, it's a show that gets under your skin like few others. There's always a teasing sense that, if you just tilted your line of thinking a little more in the right direction, suddenly it would all open up before you and reveal all its secrets. Despite this being far from the first time I've attempted to watch the series, I've even come away thinking that I might enjoy it more on a subsequent viewing, now that I'm no longer under any impression that it might all make sense at the end...
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  7. Alex93

    Alex93 Dandy Guy, in Space

    Shiki - 4/10

    Slow paced, unlikeable characters and god awful art. Shiki? You belong in the recycling bin.
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  8. DragonBlaze67

    DragonBlaze67 Death Scythe

    Psychic School Wars

    This tries too hard to be a Shinkai film with all the shining visuals and focusing on teens in love with each other while also throwing in sci-fi elements (time travel, psychic powers and something regarding phones being bad for you :confused:). It's also one of those that tells instead of showing, you barely see any psychic powers actually being used apart from bubbles floating around a character and either lifting them up or hurting them?:confused:. Apparently the guy that time travels from the future can awaken psychic powers in others and which meant more of the teens at the school at psychic powers like telepathy but again this is never really shown just mentioned in conversation. The plot ends up being so generic including the love triangle/square that it becomes predictable. Many plot points aren't followed up either, why are phones suddenly banned at school, the main character has inventions in his bedroom but nothing is ever mentioned of this, his psychic powers were sealed away years ago (why?).

    All in all the film is fine for something on in the background but don't expect anything to wow you. 5/10

    Will put my review of SAO Ordinal Scale up tomorrow.
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  9. Professor Irony

    Professor Irony Cardcaptor

    Hells (2008)

    Having never had an official release outside of Japan, the so-called 'lost' Mad House film is not the easiest thing to see through legitimate means (Eng subs on the JPN BD is the only option), but it is worth seeking out. The tale of a teenage girl trying to escape from hell armed with little more than her relentless bonhomie, it's not without its problems (the second half is overlong and lays the cod philosophy on with a trowel), but it's got a wonderfully puckish sense of humour and it's loaded with interesting character art.

    In terms of both visual style and setting, it also seems to have been a significant influence on Kill la Kill and would definitely be worthwhile for fans of the series.
  10. Smeelia

    Smeelia Thousand Master

    Yurikuma Arashi (or it could be Yuri Kuma Arashi, I'm not sure and maybe it doesn't matter)

    I really enjoyed this. I didn't know a lot about it in advance and it wasn't at all what I was expecting based on the information I had but even so, it was surprisingly fun. I'm not really sure how best to describe the show, it feels like any description wouldn't really do it justice. At a basic level, it's a story about people from different worlds trying to make a connection while dealing with pressure from society. It's also a show where cartoonish bears eat humans.

    The show can be playfully silly while dealing with serious issues in a way that doesn't undermine either aspect. It can switch from black humour to horror to silliness to genuine emotion and make all of them work. There's plenty of material that's open to interpretation for hidden depths but the show could also just be enjoyed as a more straightforward story with strong characters. I had expected something that would be quite heavily philosophical but was surprised that the show was actually very accessible and free to be enjoyed in a variety of ways.

    I've read several different descriptions of the show and it doesn't feel like any of them are wrong so much as that they're all right. I certainly don't think the show will work for everyone but I feel like everyone should give it a try and that the best way to do so would be to go in without any real expectations and just see what you think for yourself.
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  11. Neil.T

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    Indeed it matters not, for either way 'tis "Lesbian Bear Storm". ;)
  12. Lord Bacchus

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    Any show called "Lesbian Bear Storm" just begs to be watched. Excuse me. I have important research I must attend to now.
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  13. Smeelia

    Smeelia Thousand Master

    Does it still work as "Lily Bear Storm" or would that be written differently?

    Also, puttng the first two words together could have some relevance (in the show, Yuri and Bear are kind of separate worlds/peoples and a Yuri-Bear could be a whole other thing). Most likely, I'm just overthinking it.
  14. Lord Bacchus

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    I don't care what it literally means. My heart is set on Lesbian Bear Storm now.
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  15. Smeelia

    Smeelia Thousand Master

    To be fair, that's probably the most accurate and appropriate meaning anyway.
  16. crashmatt

    crashmatt Thousand Master

    Psychic School Wars

    As mentioned by other reviews this feels like an attempt to emulate the Shinkai effect right down to the visuals and music. The first thing that strikes you is that its a very good looking film. The backgrounds and colours looked fantastic in HD. The character designs were a bit bland by comparison. Shinkai likes to use the lens flare effect in his films but Psychic School wars goes overboard in attempt to copy this. Its in very scene even at night! Its too much and took some of the shine of the visuals as it really isn't needed in such a heavy handed way.

    This biggest issue with the film it that it throws together romance, special powers and time travel, none of which sit well together. Throw in some half arsed plot regarding mobile phones and its a bit of a mess. The characters are equally unspectacular but I was quite irritated by the hyper tsundre short haired girl Suzuura who spends the whole film, hitting Kenji the MC, throwing things at him and ridiculing him. In other words the worst kind of tsundre and its hard to empathise with her.

    There is a good film in here somewhere but the last 20 mins collapse into one big mess that will leave you scratching you head in disbelief and wondering how everything fits together and leaves lots of unanswered question. There is some enjoyment to be had in this film but they should have dropped the Sci-fy parts and stuck with the school romance angle.

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  17. orgun

    orgun Pokémon Master

    Capeta - 6/10

    As I race karts with my son, I can identify with Capeta a lot and the depiction of Capeta and his dad and their struggles are pretty much spot on. Capeta’s biggest problem is its pacing. It will spend 80 minutes of screen time to play out a 10 minute race and it becomes really tedious really quickly as does the constant pan round to each of the characters faces when something happens. Capeta could have been a decent 3 cour series but stretching out to 4 added far too much flab to the story. I liked the characters and the music was Ok but the animation was truly horrible in places.

    Mobile Suit Gundam: Iron-Blooded Orphans – 8/10

    For a Gundam series there wasn’t enough mecha in terms of action or cool suits but as drama series with some mecha action in it (like Vifam and Patlabor TV series) it was pretty good (maybe not a surprising situation given the background of the creative staff behind the series). I really bought in to the characters and I eagerly waited for the next episode to come round to see what was going to happen to them. It was typically Gundam brutal and there were plenty of people being bumped off towards the end and had the ambiguity who the good and bad guys really were. I enjoyed and it was the best non-UC Gundam we’ve had since 00 IMHO.
  18. KurataTrigger

    KurataTrigger Completely Average High School Student

    Marmalade Boy -- 4/10

    Started off strong but really became repetitive as the series went on as characters keep repeating the same freaking arcs.
    Plus I didn't like the characters that much because they were bland as hell and unlikable.

    Such a shame.
    Back to re-watching Kodocha again ^_^
  19. Alex93

    Alex93 Dandy Guy, in Space

    Just really really poorly executed. Lack luster story, crap characters. 3/10 for art and soundtrack. Not worth the time.

    A Silent Voice.
    Been trying to decide where to rank this. It has its good points but you cant help but question some of the characters actions in this. Way too melodramatic. Story starts really strong, but just unravels mid way through. It's production values are second to none and does have its positives. 7/10
  20. Dave1988

    Dave1988 Straw Hat Pirate

    agree with karneval only watched 2 eps and couldnt go on anymore