Post a photo of your entire anime collection!

How do I like a post more than once?

I'd love to collect the Ghibli silhouette set, but it's just such a financial commitment. I also ponder if they're ever going to re-release some of them in 4k at some point when the Ghibli coffers start running low.
Same here. But the AL stuff order is all over the place and Outlaw Star is upside down! 😝
You people are so anal, LOL! ;) Actually, I have the UK items sorted by box size, largest boxes on the left, decreasing size to the right, steelbooks and steelcases together, etc. Basically the same as most of my other shelves. Within the same box sizes, I usually try to put those in alphabetical order, I just didn't get to that point yet for the UK shelves. And the Outlaw Star box is fixed now, give me a little time and and I will retake a photo for that shelf. I'm working on the oversized items shelf upstairs right now, so I can take a few more photos and then I am done...
OK, I've added the last 3 photos for my "oversized items" shelf, rearranged the UK shelves, and updated the photo and list of titles. My collection postings on the previous page are now current and up to date with 18 photos. Put a fork in me I am done!! o_O

I'm only missing two Blu-rays from the photos, that I am aware of - Project Itoh: Genocidal Organ, which my daughter took to college with her, and Like the Clouds Like the Wind, which I found in my Pile O' Sentai, but is a Discotek release.

OH! I also forgot to include my AL Fullmetal Alchemist UE Resin Gate Set, will be adding a photo for that one.
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The problem with my collection currently is that I have bits and bobs all over the shop. Lots of different smaller shelving units and even some stuff in different rooms. Also got a lot of stuff since I've been collecting for decades. I should gain some decent space over the next few months by replacing some much bulkier DVD boxsets with some sleeker smaller Blu sets.
Question: when you guys upgrade do you keep the old releases and store em or just throw them or gift them? I get kind of attached to the artwork on some releases and don't want to chuck them if a newer release has crappy art. I always keep stuff with exclusive special features of course.
I didn't start collecting anime until 2013, after my two teenage daughters got me hooked on it, and by then all the video equipment in my home had been changed over to HD for 5 years already. I hadn't bought any DVD movies in forever, and had actually gotten rid of most of my DVD collection, as I was avidly building up a large Blu-ray movie collection at the time. I was quite upset that some older anime I liked was DVD-only, and that I had to buy some DVD releases again. Fortunately the anime on DVD is just a small fraction of my overall collection, as more and more of those older titles have been re-released on Blu-ray. To this day though, I still despise being forced to buy BD/DVD combo sets just to own a title on Blu-ray, as I've had absolutely zero use for any DVDs at all in my home for over 10 years now.