Official Xbox thread (gamertags and general chat inc)

Discussion in 'Gaming' started by Ryo Chan, Jan 14, 2009.

  1. otaku010884

    otaku010884 Student Council President

    My OH and I have signed up for our one month free trial. ^_^

    GT - Ebichumon (the missus thought my "a" was an "o"... guess I won't be saving anyone's sex life for a while)

    I don't play the XBox much as I work 9pm-7am four nights a week and my days off are spent doing chores and catching up on sleep. My OH plays often though.

    Her GT: Donashi

    We usually play Gears of War 2 or Left4Dead 2. Other games she plays include GOW, L4D, Street Fighter IV, Dead or Alive 4, Mortal Kombat Vs DC Universe, Resident Evil 5 etc.
  2. Mutsumi

    Mutsumi Guild Member

    Lol, Ebichu is awesome. ^^;
  3. Y-San

    Y-San Shinki

    Peh, theres increasing the price of xbox live, which is pretty ridiculous considering PSN is free, why the hell did I buy an xbox?
  4. Shirayuri

    Shirayuri Shinigami

    'Cause you want a huge paperweight after it Red Rings? :D
  5. Y-San

    Y-San Shinki

    Damn it probably will to soon, t'is already 3 years old, what I hear is they tend not to live longer than 5 years too.
  6. Mutsumi

    Mutsumi Guild Member

    I'm on my second 360, at Micro$oft's expense thankfully. :D

    Last game I played on it was Beautiful Katamari, in May 2009.
  7. The other day I paid £27 for 12 months LIVE even though I hardly ever play online. Figured it was less hassle than phoning MS and cancelling. Lupus! We must get around to that Resident Evil 5 co-op playthrough.
  8. Peachy

    Peachy Bumpkin AUKN Staff

    My tag = LaDiDaDanni

  9. Reevothemusefan

    Reevothemusefan Vampire Ninja

    Might as well post up mine then:

    YX BlocParty XY is mine and my brothers, I have COD:MW2 and various other online games I can play online.
  10. aoshi_1

    aoshi_1 Completely Average High School Student


    Just posting my tag for xbox360

  11. Cathe

    Cathe Great Teacher

    My gamertag is: JRockFan

    Feel free to add :)

    The games I currently play online are:

    Tenchu Z
    Black Ops
    Modern Warfare 2
    Bad Company 2
    Fable 3

  12. ColoursOfSakura

    ColoursOfSakura Brigade Leader

    I've added you Cathe. ^^ Does anyone else play Black Ops & Modern Warfare 2?
  13. daichi383

    daichi383 School Idol

    Heres mine: FelixDAcatman

    Just got me a copy of the original blazblue to play, also got homefront.
  14. AmuroWhiteDemon

    AmuroWhiteDemon Completely Average High School Student

    My Gamertag is AmuroWhiteDemon

    A Halo Reach Regular
    Dynasty Warriors Gundam 2

    To name a few! Just let me know who you are when u add me :D
  15. alexrose1uk

    alexrose1uk Straw Hat Pirate

    Currently slowly playing through Reach, although my 360 isn't on that much anymore, as I've got too many good games queuing to play on my Wii and PS3
    (Xenoblade, Yakuza 4, FFXIII PS3, soon to be Zelda etc)

    Anyone wants to add me I'm there as tyranuus
  16. ColoursOfSakura

    ColoursOfSakura Brigade Leader

    I'm playing MW3 and MvC3 at the moment and I'm looking for new people to play with so my gamertag is PS Aisoku - add me then let me know who you are, I'll be online most nights from 6ish.
  17. ilmaestro

    ilmaestro State Alchemist

    Haven't been on the 360 for a while, might boot it up once the new dashboard hits. I'll add you for some games of MvC3, though.
  18. alexrose1uk

    alexrose1uk Straw Hat Pirate

    The new dashboard isn't bad [I'm in the beta]; feels less over simplified and childish than the current version (which to me feels worse laid out than the Wii which is actually aimed a younger audience).
  19. ilmaestro

    ilmaestro State Alchemist

    Is it still just better to use the guide button for everything though, like in the current dash?
  20. Reaper gI

    Reaper gI Pokémon Master

    Now with 360 (finally, DDP:DFK broke the last of my resistance)
    gamertag: ReapergI