Official Xbox thread (gamertags and general chat inc)

Discussion in 'Gaming' started by Ryo Chan, Jan 14, 2009.

  1. Aaron

    Aaron Death Scythe

    I got sucked into the PES hype for a couple of years, but then I randomly decided to go back to FIFA this time (the last one I'd got before that was '98 ) and I was really pleased I did. Great game.

    I just...don't actually like football... =/
  2. Aya-Kun

    Aya-Kun Hunter

    my gt is Aya Kun if any one wants to add me =)
  3. Ryo Chan

    Ryo Chan Symphogear

    front page all uptodate with tag now ;)
  4. akamike

    akamike Completely Average High School Student

    My tag is Mikekuul, but I won't be online for a while. At the weekend my first 360, must be over 2 years old by now, finally gave in to the RROD. Saddest. Moment. Ever. :(

    Unless I can get it fixed, I'll buy a new one when I can afford it.
  5. Ryo Chan

    Ryo Chan Symphogear

    if it's an original, buy a new, my 4th replacement one has died after 2 months, thankfully it still reads disks so i'm gonna pull a fast one over game and trade it in for an elite
  6. afoia

    afoia Adventurer

    Mines afoia had my core 360 since launch and its never RROD'd on me.
  7. Kakasuke

    Kakasuke Completely Average High School Student

    Hey hey,

    My XBL Tag is SimplistcEnigma

    Im on my second. Although my first didn't go wrong...I just wanted the elite hehe. Black looks nicer, doesnt get as dirty either! Plus is compliments my Blu Ray....I mean PS3 as they both sit next to each other!

    Im an AM in a games store anywho so if mine broked it wouldn't be hard to replace!
  8. speedlolita

    speedlolita Completely Average High School Student

    Gamertag is speedlolita

    I got a falcon, so I shouldn't have overheating issues. Don't really play anything online though.
  9. Jonboy87

    Jonboy87 Brigade Leader

    mine's jonathman87

    i still need to get xbl gold and a harddrive etc.

    i'm all new to the whole online console gaming.
  10. memorium

    memorium Za Warudo

    my Gamertag is goldfishclowns

    feel free to add me, i'm looking for people to play Firefight with on ODST
  11. SciFiBoy!

    SciFiBoy! Great Teacher

    bad news: my 360 died :-(
    good news: money in november will mean I can get the GAME exclusive MW2 Super Elite Console :)
  12. Jonboy87

    Jonboy87 Brigade Leader

    If my Xbox 360 ever broke I'd just get a PS3. Now that the price has dropped, I just think it's worth getting the console with the blu ray player built in (not to mention the built in wireless internet connection).
  13. memorium

    memorium Za Warudo

    my 360 has never broke

    i gues i just look after my **** properly :lol:
  14. LukasROAR

    LukasROAR Straw Hat Pirate

    GT - LukasROAR

    Usually play online Halo 3, ODST, Gears of War 2

    We should get a Anime UK News gaming night on.
    Tried once before but not to many people were interested :(
  15. Arbalest

    Arbalest 黒い剣士 Moderator

    I'll give you an add later on tonight then. I'm normally on Halo 3 or some fighting game. I'm more than hoping to get 3 other people to lend me a hand on the last 2 vidmaster challenge achievements on ODST, but either noone has it, or they've done it already =/
  16. LukasROAR

    LukasROAR Straw Hat Pirate

    Lol I aint got it but i'd sure like it!
    sounds like a challenge

    You on Waypoint as well?
    The Reach trailer was awesome and the anime shorts were great
  17. Lupus

    Lupus Baka Ranger

    I'd be for an AUKN gaming night but... breaking the ice through voice would be the hard part for me.
  18. Y-San

    Y-San Shinki

    gameha tags hmmm: mine should be stuartsaysyes
    but i can't remember cuz I haven't played it since christmas , stuff to do , but FFXIII is on its way so I should be on it more
  19. Arbalest

    Arbalest 黒い剣士 Moderator

    very belated, but i'm adding ya to me friends list Lukas. So whenever you are about, let me know and we can try and get a couple others to help with the achieves.
  20. Izekiel

    Izekiel Brigade Leader

    If anyone want's to add me

    XBL - Izekiel Fel