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Official Xbox thread (gamertags and general chat inc)

Discussion in 'Gaming' started by Ryo Chan, Jan 14, 2009.

  1. FourthLion

    FourthLion Adventurer

    My tag is FourthLion

    I'm not playing much atm as I'm in the process of moving house, but looking forward to settling down with Catherine, Battlefield and Skyrim again soon.
  2. Riggy92

    Riggy92 Completely Average High School Student

    Mines CyberRiggy, feel free to throw me a friend request if you want, I play all sorts of games.
  3. GolGotha

    GolGotha Death Scythe

    Re: Official Xbox 360 thread (gamertags and general chat inc

    I'm "Golly Gotha", feel free to add me!

    Currently playing: Skyrim & Dragon Age 2 :)
  4. theirsbailiff

    theirsbailiff School Idol

    Re: Official Xbox 360 thread

    A thread for XBAWKS HUEG users? Sign me up

    Gamertag: gloryofmacabre (PM me first if you're gonna add me)
    Currently Playing: Mass Effect 1, Mirrors Edge, FIFA 12 (Yeah, it's my brother's copy and knowing him, we won't be getting FIFA 13 until September next year.)
    Notes: Don't have XBL Gold (Even if I had the money, I'm rarely on it since it's in my brother's room and he wouldn't let me play it when he's around)

    So, the new dashboard... It still hasn't arrived for me yet. Is there something wrong?
  5. FourthLion

    FourthLion Adventurer

    Re: Official Xbox 360 thread (gamertags and general chat inc

    New dash hasn't arrived for me either. Apparently takes them about a week to roll it out to all consoles.
  6. Tachi

    Tachi Mushi-shi

    Re: Official Xbox 360 thread (gamertags and general chat inc


    Feel free to add :)
  7. LukasROAR

    LukasROAR Straw Hat Pirate

    Re: Official Xbox 360 thread (gamertags and general chat inc

    Anyone up for playing some Halo online?

    I'm a big Halo fan and although my interest has dwindled over the years I still love to play every now and again.

    Back in the day I used to have huge LAN parties and manage to get 12-14 people online once a week but as the years go by and people move away that number has dwindled to 4-5 max.

    I love playing online but I prefer to play with friends, have a chat and shoot each other, it's much better than strangers.

    So if anyone's up for it let me know, I have Halo 3, Reach and 4 and I'm up for playing any although I'm rather partial for playing some Halo 3 at the moment, it has such an arcade feel that's lost with all the mod cons of 4.

    Anyway I'm going on about it now...if you fancy a AUKN Halo night, give us a shout and feel free to bring friends.

    It's worth a try.
  8. -Danielle-

    -Danielle- Stand User

    Re: Official Xbox 360 thread (gamertags and general chat inc

    The boy now has an Xbox 360 so I got two games for it to play with my little brother when he comes round to my house; Left 4 Dead 2 and Borderlands. My bro has played the former on his laptop before so I knew he'd enjoy it as for Borderlands, I went on a whim and he loves it! Once we've completed it I'm going to buy Borderlands 2 :)
  9. sora

    sora Magical Girl

    Re: Official Xbox 360 thread (gamertags and general chat inc

    My XBL Gamertag is vZ S i M o x (In need of a name change)
  10. bakum4tsu

    bakum4tsu Pokémon Master

    Re: Official Xbox 360 thread (gamertags and general chat inc

    Is anyone going to buy Trials Fusion or there are not "hardcore" players in here? :p
  11. NormanicGrav

    NormanicGrav Hai Hai Grav desu Moderator

    Re: Official Xbox 360 thread (gamertags and general chat inc

    I will when I eventually decide to buy a PS4.
  12. bakum4tsu

    bakum4tsu Pokémon Master

    Re: Official Xbox 360 thread (gamertags and general chat inc

    I will buy it for xbox 360 for now, eventually i will buy a ps4 too but that will take a while though, not really looking forward to anything in it besides The Division... which can wait

    By the way, did you play Trials Evolution?
  13. LelouchNarukami

    LelouchNarukami Student Council President

    Re: Official Xbox 360 thread (gamertags and general chat inc

    Btw, if anyone wants to add me on Xbox 360 I am: Rusty Fail

    ..don't ask about the name. xD
  14. sora

    sora Magical Girl

    Re: Official Xbox 360 thread (gamertags and general chat inc

    Ill most probably get it, on the last trials I had platinum for all the maps except some of the extreme maps
  15. bakum4tsu

    bakum4tsu Pokémon Master

    Re: Official Xbox 360 thread (gamertags and general chat inc

    Yeah?? Great. I have a lot of platinum, more than I thought I would get when i have started the game. Actually I never though I would get them lolol I dont have Live at the moment and i dont really plan to get it but I would like to compare times so I could even have a time rival so I could look for to beat if you dont mind me adding you eheh Cause all my friends are way far behind on times xD

    By the way, did you buy the 2 dlcs for the evolution? And about Fusion, I will buy day 1 for sure and maybe the season pass too in the same day but I was waiting for details on the second one before decide.
  16. sora

    sora Magical Girl

    Re: Official Xbox 360 thread (gamertags and general chat inc

    Only just seen this, sure add me I posted my gamertag a couple of posts up, I recently checked my stats for trials and its not platinums I have its golds for all the tracks accept the extreme which I never got round to playing
  17. bakum4tsu

    bakum4tsu Pokémon Master

    Re: Official Xbox 360 thread (gamertags and general chat inc

    Thanks I have just added you. ;)

    Bought today naruto ultimate ninja storm 3 full burst. Didnt buy the normal edition when it came out dont know why so know got this one. Good as the other ones. Cant wait next for week for Trials Fusion!! Meanwhile I have been getting a few new platinum medals on Evolution xD
  18. serpantino

    serpantino Adventurer

    Don't know if this'll kick off as the forum seems Sony biased but I own one & wondered if anyone else on here did ?
    The 360 was my first last gen console but I did end up owning a PS3 & vita as well, however I never enjoyed the AAA licenses on the ps3 as much as they always felt rough around the edges in places. (With the exception of metal gear solid 4 which was the primary reason I purchased one.)

    I was also pushed away from the PS4 by how incompetent and rude Sony's EU (UK based) team is when it comes to releases etc & Sony's abandonment of the vita.

    I also prefer the controller (hate in-line analogue sticks) & it means I don't miss out on windows 10 exclusive games because i refuse to install that spyware OS on my PC.
  19. Buzzkillington

    Buzzkillington Pokémon Master

    I have one but never use it. I bought it and played through Ori and the Blind Forest and played a little bit of Sunset Overdrive, but it's never really been used since (I did use it for Crunchyroll for a while but the PS4 finally getting the app ended that).

    With that said it still kinda irks me because most of my friends still play on xbox while a few of us moved to PS4/PC (although I have nowhere near enough friends who play PC and that's upsetting). I also agree with the controller comment, even after using the PS4 for a few years now I still hate the controller and find the xbox one far superior.

    I always plan on using it again but every time I turn it on there is a big system update so I get irritated lol I planned on selling it but turns out they ain't worth much and getting less than half of what I paid when it's barely been used annoys me (same goes for the Wii U, in fact that's even worse as that looks practically brand new and I'm unlikely to use it again), so I'm keeping it, I'm sure something I want will turn up one day.....maybe.
  20. serpantino

    serpantino Adventurer

    That's my biggest issue, it bugged the hell out of me on the ps3. That and game updates, though at least this generation they don't force you offline whether you get them or not.

    Currently playing sunset od (helping a group of larpers in campaign). I'm enjoying it alot, though the game initially due to crappy tower defense (not a fan of TD games) but they're not too frequent & the sidequests that are pretty generic objectives have me completing all of them as they have some of the best dialogue.

    My other initial criticism was that traversal wasn't as smooth as it could be but as the game progresses you get more traversal based moves which allow you to get high up faster & glide which helps chain things much easier and makes getting around much more pleasurable.

    I am really enjoying the pop culture & fourth wall breaks. Plus teddy! (OK it's not actuallg teddy from persona 4 but the voice actor who plays him does have a beary amusing character.)

    The game is just a lot of lighthearted fun and colourful like the games of my childhood. It's a welcome break to game's tendencies to be more realistic & serious nowadays.

    (Apologies for disorganisation, editing on phone is a pain.)

    In other news: Dynasty Warriors Orochi 3 Ultimate is up as the latest free game with gold (ps plus equivalent) which I am looking forward to.