UK Anime Distributor MVM Entertainment Discussion Thread


Straw Hat Pirate
For that price I’m pre ordering fate CE if we get a discount code next week, as it goes pass the customs that way.

Nice, also interested in the weekly deal so I really hope we get that code. MVM wise the weekly deals are covering whats left of my Christmas wishlist, not much left.


Stand User
The one in the German LE is harcover, too. To the point it's so identical to the LE, they made the box bigger just for it, while the BD itself is just an Amaray case with a slip.
May be, because it's easier to source the book as originally is?


Mystery boxes won't get done till next week - still working my way through day 11. And Tony doesn't do any of the shipping/packing. It's all me.
Tony is as nice of a guy as me, it reads like. Does he have something against you personally?

About my earlier post, apologies: I either used my famed skim-reading skills when ordering, didn't see that part of the disclaimer or forgot. All are equally likely. I care not about the order taking awhile as long as it was made clear beforehand. I haven't been keeping up with MVM updates like the AL ones.

PS: Heaven's Feel, you say? That will go nicely with my Zero and UBW art boxes. Maybe it will even be a non-naff F/SN. I'm not holding my breath but at least it'll look pretty~