UK Anime Distributor MVM Entertainment Discussion Thread

cyborg 002

School Idol
with the christmas sales in 10 days and the halloween code being recently i doubt, the only blackfriday related stuff for MVM is on amazon but i don't know if that's still going with stuff like the monogatari s2 boxset for £55
Thanks for the info. The Christmas sale from both from AL and MVM will more than make up for Black Friday anyway.

Jon O Fun

Thousand Master
I know MVM have said they'll be announcing their Q1 schedule during the 12 days sale but what do we think/hope they'll have?

As they seem to be the only ones touching Sentai's goodies I'd like to see them pick up Food Wars s3 & s4 as Manga have given up on it and a boy can buy dream but To Love Ru!! (Definitely never gonna happen with the BBFC costs and then actually getting it through the BBFC unscathed)