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School Idol
For the record, was already posted in other topics:

Content of Blu-ray-Mystery Boxes:
Vatican Miracle Examiner
Girls Beyond the Wasteland
Girlish Number
Busou Shinki
Bodacious Space Pirates
Hakkenden Season 1
Kamisama Kiss Season 2
Nurse Witch Kogumi R
Photo Kano
The Familiar of Zero Season 1

Content of DVD-Mystery Boxes:
Red Garden
Arakawa (US-BD OOP)
Romeo x Juliet
ef memories + melodies (J-BD avaiable)
Saiyuki Reload
Busou Shinki (UK-BD avaiable)
Girlish Number (UK-BD avaiable)
hack Quantum (3 episodes only, US-BD avaiable)
Nurse Witch Komugi R (UK-BD avaiable)
Photo Kano (UK-BD avaiable)
Girls Wasteland (UK-BD avaiable)
Ikki Tousen Season 2 (J-BD avaiable)
Daphne in the Brilliant Blue
Kiddy Grade (J-BD avaiable)
Captain Earth (UK-BD avaiable)
Linebarrels of Iron (J-BD avaiable)
Pumpkin Scissors
There are some duplicates between DVD and Blu-ray boxes and a BBFC18-series slipped in one of the DVD-boxes


Yume no Shima Shinen Kōen
AUKN Staff
The Essentials Version of Kamisama Kiss S1 has Region A+B stated on the backcover - but don't know if printing error or not
Not a printing error. The first season had always been Region B compatible (the original release was one of those misleading region specs which showed A when it's actually AB).


Student Council President
wtf, I only planned on buying the 2 blu-ray boxes but after this facebook post i added one of teh dvd's boxes


Duplications are unacceptable after this post, it's false advertising and conned me out fo an extra £30.


Magical Girl
So these BR Mystery boxes are good for me, I have heard of only a handful of these titles and I only have 1 dupelicate. So over all this is good for me as trying out new shows is why I buy them in the first place :)


Student Council President
the other mystery box has arrived, seems i got Love, Election and Chocolate instead of Busou Shinki, but out of the 21 shows from the 3 mystery boxes i ordered there was no duplicates :)
i only owned 2 of the 12 blu-rays and 3 of the 9 dvds so overall I got my money's worth. thanks MVM.



Student Council President
shame that wont get it potentially till after monday whereas if ordered elsewhere would have got it on the same day which is frustrating.