Multiple Fatalities Confirmed in Kyoto Animation Fire


Captain Karen
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This is heartbreaking news. It'd be bad happening to any animation studio of course, but KyoAni holds such a dear place to both me and many others that just adds a whole other layer of hurt to this. My heart goes out to all those affected.

Rena Ryuugu

Very sad news to wake up to :(

I hope the injured are able to recover, and my thoughts go out to them and their families, as well as the families of the people who died.


Was watching NHK World news channel and a spokesman said they had received death threats via email beforehand.
It makes the threats say Anno had after Eva 25 and 26 a lot more scary now. As yes he did joke in End of Eva.
Yeah the BBC said they've gone up in recent years I wonder why probably due to technology.


It makes the threats say Anno had after Eva 25 and 26 a lot more scary now. As yes he did joke in End of Eva.
Probably one of the earliest examples of this sort of stuff happening on the Internet.
I'm sure there were examples beforehand, but only a couple of nutters mad enough to bother writing a letter. The Internet enables the nutters more when people with other motive like trolling just because they're bored or whatever join in.


The go fund me page, set up by Sentai, mentioned in the BBC article:
Anyone done the funding yet?


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No one knows if KyoAni will even accept that money, so until they issue a statement themselves and accept/reject what Sentai is doing I won't be donating.


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Such a horrible, barbaric act. KyoAni mean so much to so many fans, not just because of what they've produced, but in the exemplary way they've gone about producing it. They have rightly earned a special place in our hearts. It's devastating, and, well, utterly baffling, to hear of this. My love to everyone caught up in this, as well as their families.


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I feel bad that as I read the story and the updates, I can only process it as "This is how horrible the world is now". Every life lost in this attack is a senseless tragedy.