Multiple Fatalities Confirmed in Kyoto Animation Fire


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13 dead now 😢
A disgruntled ex-employee maybe or one of those weirdos that issue death-threats when something doesn't go the way they wanted it to go in a story? KyoAni don't really seem to be a studio that fit either scenario.


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The go fund me page, set up by Sentai, mentioned in the BBC article:


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Seems due to this senseless attack the Free movie has been cancelled. It is going to take the entire industry decades to recover due to this scumbag. I am saddened by the loss of life and hope the people injured make a speedy recovery.


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I would assume they would pull the screenings of the free S3 film. If the other projects continue we don’t know 23 staff would be hard for any company to replace.


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While it’s a fairly natural response to situations like this, I’m not sure the reasons anyone feels justified in committing acts of violence really matter that much after the fact.

Now it’s happened people have to live with the consequences, and my thoughts are with the survivors and family and friends of the dead.