Luna's Search & Sale pile


Pokémon Master
new for sale:
Astra Lost in Space 1 volume 1

haven't read it yet, but just learned that the German edition has been announced, so this one's going out either way.

Also new for search:
Card Captor Sakura Collector's Edition 1-9
dunno yet, if I go for the English ones, or the JP ones (there it's the Nakayaoshi 60th anniversary edition)

and, probably a very long shot, but:
What did you eat yesterday 3

it went OOP, when I didn't pay attention because I didn't know I had a hole right there. x.x


Pokémon Master
New Manga for Sale:
Welcome to the Ballroom 1-6, 8
O Maidens in your Savage Season 5

The latter goes up onto the bundle of the previous volumes 1-4. Also, if somebody is interested in Welcome to the Ballroom volumes 9 and up, I'd be interested to continue it, if I have someone to take the volumes off of me~