Luna's Search & Sale pile

New Japanese Manga to go:
Tokimeki Gakuen Oujigumi (one Shot) and Himitsu Kichi (one shot) by Aya Nakahara (Lovely Complex)
Zansho (one shot) by Mohiro Kitoh (Bokurano)
Mushishi 1-7

Tokimeki still has its obi.
New English Manga to go out:
Your Lie in April Volume 10 (read once)
Land of the Lustrous Volume 1 (unread)

The latter being another brilliant case of "got the wrong language edition..."
New English LNs to go out:
Konosuba Volume 2 new and unread
Konosuba Volume 2 new and unread, backcover and last page (ad page) have a cutter-ish caused clean cut

This case is extra brilliant: The idiot went in for another usual case of notorious double buys, then one turned up damaged and even worse both turned out to be v2 of the main series rather than v2 of the explosion spin off, since unfortunately both have Megumin on the cover...
Long LN titles be cursed, who's even reading the entire thing anymore?! 🙈
Violet Evergarden The Movie Anime Storyboard // Kyoto Animation ✿ Japanese release • Softcover in Arbook-size, storyboard of the entire movie. Got two in order to have higher chances of at least one to arrive savely. They both arrived savely.
Also updated the first post's complete list. The anime section is still subject to some "is this even still there"-checks after my move a while ago, but I figured that list should still be more up to date than the last update that is over a year old. @_@"
The other sections should be fairly up to date however.
New English Manga for sale:
A Certain Scientific Raingun Volume 16, new and unread

Here goes the latest entry of me having forgotten all about a previously already placed pre-order. @_@
new to go:
Monthly Comics Gene January 2020 Manga Magazine
practically new (wanted just the extra), Japanese with Furigana. Contains running series such as Servamp, Black Babylon, Kuroshiai and more. Also has a self contained special chapters for Kimi ni wa Todokanai and Heisha no Joushi wa Moto Yuusha
New to go out:
Yoru wa Mijikaishi Arukeyo Otome (Night is Short, Walk on Girl) Novel
Tatakau Shisho to Koisuru Bakudan (The Book of Bantorra Volume 1) Novel
Both in Japanese.
New to go:
Shinanami Tasogare (Our Dreams at Dusk) 1, comes with color pages and dust jacket
I have it twice, once used read (or more like skimmed) once, and once new, unread, sealed and with obi.
Updated the first post's list a bit. Didn't get around going through the anime part of it yet, but the Manga/LN parts is up to date.
(Also fixed a bug in my formula for my BB code generation that made some Anime CDs not show up in the list.)