How did you get into anime?

How did you get into anime?

  • Saw some on TV and liked it.

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  • Read about it in a magazine, eg SuperPlay, Neo, etc.

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  • Introduced to it by a friend.

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  • Played the game of an anime first, then got into the anime from there.

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  • Bought some on impulse because the covergirl was hot. Got into it from there.

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Project-2501 said:
I have not voted yet :)

EDIT: Voted but you could do with an 'I got into anime before DVDs/Internet" option.

Good point, but it is then possible for two answers to apply to one person. I got into anime before DVDs and the internet, but I still got into it from reading SuperPlay.
I saw clips of Akira on TV ages ago on some sort of 100 best films programs and wanted to watch it (but didn't at the time) so I picked TV however that is not what got me hooked into anime. I came across AMV's online when I started uni and was hooked on them which made me start hunting out the anime they were made from and I got hooked on them.
I got re-hooked on Pokémon (the games and the anime) in an awesome nostalgia-filled six months to a year of getting up-to-date with the franchise with some friends... which lead me to Naruto, eventually. Somehow. Bleach was also thrown around a lot in the same sentence, so I watched that, I think, maybe before catching up with Naruto... Dunno. Around that time, though.

Also, I remember Akira and Legend of the Overfiend being on the Channel 4's best cartoons ever list. Or something.
From my profile:

"Friends in school talking about DBZ. "What, that stupid show with the little kids fighting [note: Gohan and Krillin were currently "fighting" Frieza]?" was my initial reaction, but after finding out the intricacies of the storyline surrounding Cell and Future Trunks I realized it was The Awesomest Thing Ever."

But I voted TV, as my friends didn't get me into anime as much as they got me into DBZ. I then got some of them into anime in general a little later.
Pokemon, DBZ, Yu-gi-oh, Digimon, Sailor Moon, Escaflowne and Gundam Wing, were all shown on TV when I was younger.

I'm not quite sure when I became aware of the difference between anime and standard cartoons.

Although I wouldn't say I really got into anime until a few years ago when I had some money and bought the first volume of the FMA anime due to a couple of recommendations I'd seen on GameFAQs.
None of the poll options really fit me.

I'll never forget how I was introduced to anime. this annoying kid in my school was reading a magazinbe about computer games, and on the back page there was a full-page feature on the cinema release of Akira. It hadn't even had a VHS release at that point.

Well, time passed (about a year, I think) and I eventually found the VHS in my local Woolworth's. Being JUST old enough to watch it, I grabbed it and whisked it back home. I think I wore that video out, I watched it so many times.

This would all have been about 1990-1992, and in the following months I bought a few of the Manga Entertainment videos that came out - Dominion Tank Police and Battle Angel Alita being ones that stick in my mind.

However, a lot of those early releases were frankly a bit sucky, so I fell out of love with anime for a long while. I've always been aware of it, though, and just in the last year I re-discovered it online, and have been buying up stuff left, right and centre.

Good times.
Pokemon, Digimon, Dragonball Z on TV.

I had no idea it was anime, but then a friend told me to watch Death Note. After watching that, I moved onto Bleach and so it began.

(After that it was GITS if you care).