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I some great times playing sports games, especially with friends. Probably because I wasn't very good IRL and it's less tiring šŸ˜œ
Me and my friend tried to beat the football game in said arcade, and we had many a tournament with games such as FIFA, NHL and Madden on the MEGA DRIVE and then with PES on the PS2 with others as well.
Me and my friend tried to beat the football game in said arcade, and we had many a tournament with games such as FIFA, NHL and Madden on the MEGA DRIVE and then with PES on the PS2 with others as well.

The only sports games I remember ever actually holding my attention for more than five minutes were Blades of Steel on the Gameboy (which actually required a modicum of skill to play and didn't feel like you were just stabbing buttons in hopes of doing something positive) and some of the NeoGeo games I remember playing in an arcade. A quick check on the Switch eShop reveals that those have been ported over as part of the ACA NeoGeo collection. There were a couple of wacked out sci-fi variants of soccer and baseball. But the most enjoyable as I recall was an American Football game. Which I can't remember the name of. But you can get that for the Switch too!
Mutant Football League?
You could "kill" the opponent if they got in the way. And I seem to recall power ups and stuff.

The one I'm thinking of was a 'straight' version of American football. It was pretty good in that it dispensed with the stop-and-start nature of the sport it was based on (NFL league football is SO boring to watch) but didnt skimp on the tactics - you could select plays before each quarter and, to their credit, the AI players on your team did their best to stick to them.

The greatest sports game ever was Rocketball on the commodore 64.

Sadly, I've never played that one!
A little update here for the binge-watchers among you. If anyone on these forums fancies listening to my whiskey-drenched tones for just over two hours as I ramble about old video games, without the faff of having to click on buttons or get up from your opulent divans as your nubien slaves fan you with palm fronds, I've got you covered!

Behold! My Totally Unoriginal Gaming Show's first season has een collected in its entirety into one convenient playlist!

HdE's Totally Unoriginal Gaming Show - complete season one playlist - YouTube

And just a side note to this - there are playlists for folks who maybe are only interested in the properly retro stuff or handheld gaming as well. If you have a little poke about on my channel's page, you should find them easily enough.
Just poking my head back into this thread to toot my kazoo and announce the second season of my itty-bitty gaming show has started up tonight.

I've kicked things off with a fairly lengthy look at the PS3 launch title RESISTANCE: FALL OF MAN, wherein I consider it's status on Sony's last gen console and do the whole picking-it-apart-to-see-if-it-holds-up thing.

Glue your eyeballs to it like you would your latest crush:
New video is up, folks! This one's an examination of Yu Suzuki's SPACE HARRIER on Sega's 32X Megadrive add on.

This one was an absolute PIG to put together. Those 32X units are extremely fragile, it seems!

Also: PLEASE CHECK YOUR SUBSCRIPTIONS. YouTube are sabotaging my channel big time at the moment, disconnecting subscribers for no good reason. I'm also not even reaching a quarter of my subscriber base with new videos, which leads me to believe that they're not receiving notifications.

If you enjoy what I'm doing, please be aware that this new season of 12 videos is the 'use it or lose it' run. I need to be hitting MUCH better numbers for this to be worth continuing with. Which is kind of a shocking thing to admit, considering some of the praise I've been getting from much bigger YouTubers who do this sort of thing.
Well, the EU passed Article 13, which means we can very likely kiss content like mine on YouTube goodbye within a couple of years. Old white dudes suck, capitalism and conservatism stink, remember this when you vote, etc.

In the meantime, you can still enjoy this new video, wherein I take a look at the PC Engine spaceship shooter OVERRIDE.

Lookit that! I can make anything about politics!

More video shenanigans on my channel this week. I've dusted off and finished a review I've had kicking about in my editing software for ages. This time, of the Sega Master System version of R-Type.

Just by way of a quick mention, regular viewers may notice that I've got a Ko-Fi link in the front end of my videos (and in pinned posts in the comments) now. This is how I've chosen to fund the channel for the foreseeable. Ko-Fi is basically a PayPal front end (and so, completely safe) that facilitates one-off donations for anybody who feels inclined to make a contribution to the show's continued production.

Donations are by no means expected, and I'll not be making a habit of shilling my Ko-Fi account. But it's probably worth mentioning that I've set up a modest funding goal for equipment so that I can bring coverage of games on the Nintendo DS family of handhelds to the channel.

If anyone feels like checking that out, by all means visit the page, where you can read about my proposed approach here:
Ko-fi - I've set my first Ko-Fi goal! Can you help me to bring DS coverage to the channel?
Sharing my wares here again, with a video that gave me so many technical problems it was untrue.

In this one, I look back at the PS3 version of Kaos Studios' 2011 HOMEFRONT - a first person shooter that barely made a mark on release. However, there's a certain hook to its premise that bears some discussion.


That got your attention. Anyway - for sake ofo providing context, there's at least ONE ball in this week's review - a big shiny one that gets flung all around a pinball table that's made of slimy mess and gunk and bones and greasy alien stuff. I dust off the 1988 PC Engine exclusive ALIEN CRUSH.

New review is up today, and this one's something more current than most of the stuff that appears on the show.

This time, I spend a little while - a VERY little while (you'll see what I mean) with the Nintendo Switch version of the multi-platform indie title REFUNCT.

New video alert!

This one represents a bit of a technical achievement on my part. I've been wrestling for AGES to find a halfway decent method of capturing N64 footage. Long story short, the console outputs a pretty horrible video signal that's almost impossible to clean up. So... some THIRTY HOURS of tinkering later (yes, I kept a tally!) I managed to slap this together.

(And of course, just as I was finishing it up, some US tech company announces a plug-in HDMI port accessory. Ho-hum.)

Anyway - here it is: a fair-but fond look back at RIDGE RACER 64.

Quickie notice that I've pushed out another video. This one's alook at the Nintendo Gameboy version of PANG, a single screen action game that was absolutely EVERYWHERE circa 1990. This one even crops up on systems I've never heard of, it seems!

Anyhoo - here it is:
There's a freshly squeezed review up on the channel tonight, wherein I make a concession to the fact that some of my subscribers are probably there for vaguely Japanese stuff. This time, I look at the 2016 PS4 remake of ASSAULT SUIT LEYNOS. Which is good. Very good.

Here's the video so you can find out HOW good:
The final video in this run is live on YouTube. In this one, I take a look at ALTERED BEAST for the Sega Megadrive. Watch it, then tell me I'm awesome, tell all your friends, Subscribe if you haven't, then vote for me to be president of the United States and cringe as I remove the rights of the vulnerable and hole up in my bunker with a ton of money, coke and hookers.

Or just watch the video. It's up to you, really.

'Allo chums and pal!

I hope you're all managing to stay healthy and sane during the current Coronavirus pandemic.

I thought I'd duck my head back into the forums just to let folks know that I've recently launched the third season of my Totally Unoriginal Gaming Show over on YouTube.

It's performed so consistently poorly that this might very well be my last crack at it. In fact, this season nearly didn't go ahead at all. But I figure folks might be grateful of something else to watch during lockdown, so I've bitten the bullet and started uploading regardless. So, without further ado, here's the latest video, where I look at a classic ZX Spectrum game, JETPAC, running on a console that I'm sure barely breaks a sweat to actually play it.