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Superfast and kind of unexpected update, which isn't really to do with the channel.

If any forum users are attending EGX in Birmingham this weekend, I'll be there on the Friday and Saturday.

This has all come about sort of at the last minute, so I'm currently scrambling to make sure I'm in a fit state to leave work behind and interact with folks like a fully functional human being.

If anyone's about and you see a bearded, balding, bespectacled type in the most boring clothes on site, do come up and say hello.


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Well, good gawd... when one of your favourite Youtube channels mentions you in their own videos.

I figure this is worth a share for reasons besides ego-stroking. Some of the other channels featured here are really good.

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Aaaand, just by way of a follow up to that last post, the first analytics update since good ol' Octy gave me a mention on her channel have come in.

Here are the lifetime analytics for my subscriber count.


I figure this is worth sharing because it shows the appreciable benefit that outspoken support for a small channel can make. It also shows that good things happen when you're a stubborn bastard like me and refuse to give up.

I don't mind telling you, even as a grown man of 41, I got a bit emotional and had a good blubber when all of this happened.


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New videroo is up! After the godlike technical excess of Halo: Reach, surely the thing to do is follow it up with something even bigger and more determined to push the hardware of its host platform, right?

Instead, I take a look at the Nintendo Gameboy version of BATTLESHIP. And I susrprise myself here with how deep I get into it...



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I'm changing things up a bit this week with a review of - GASP! - a BOOK! With words in it!

It's still gaming related, though. Here's a look at the XCOM spin off novel XCOM 2: RESURRECTION.

Oh and a quickie reminder: Youtube's notification system is borked beyond belief. So if you're subbed to the channel and want to see further updates, I'd recommend clicking the notification bell icon Or better still as some folks are saying even THAT doesn't work reliably, find me on Twitter (@HdE_playsgames) where I'll be sure to post EVERYTHING.