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Heads up, folks! In between lettering comics and managing family meltdowns during lockdown, I've been trying to get more stuff together for folks to watch if they feel so inclined.

So, here's the latest video on my gaming channel. This one's an oddity - a conversion of an old Namco coin-op that apparently never made it out of Japan, with a mythological feel. It's PHELIOS for the Sega Megadrive!

Cast your eyes over it here:
Got another one of these for you, folks.

For this one, I dusted off a curious object I've found in my loft. Encrusted with the deeply compacted fluff of ages, I was shocked to find that, underneath the grime, there were angles. Edges. Planes of geometry. Investigating further still, I found the object ensconced within this coccoon of filth and dust occupied the form of an elongated pyramid. And it was black as night.

What might this object be? Some strange Lovecraftian relic of a race long since departed from this mortal world of soil and sea? A means to commune with a higher intelligence? Perhaps the keystone with which one might unlock a realm of understanding previously hidden from human eyes?

Turns out it was none of those. It was just a really dusty Sega Master System. So I cleaned it up, bunged a controller in the player 1 port and shoved a copy of Vigilante into it. Here's what I thought of it.

New video alert for the three people on this site who watch them!

In this one, I take a look at Burgertime for the NES. And then I eat a burger. For real (No visual effects were used to simulate the eating of the burger.)

New video review time!

Got a Nintendo Switch? Fancy taking part in a high stakes encounter with an extraterrestrial creature? Dig multiple choice questions? Then QUARANTINE CIRCULAR for the Nintendo Switch might be just the game for you!

Latest review is up. I dusted off an old Commodore 64 for this one, which was a lot of hassle, but TOTALLY worth it!

'Allo folks!

With lockdown underway again in England, I decided I'd squeak out a review of a free-to-download game for the ZX Spectrum. Don't fret if you don't have such a thing, though - it's playable in emulators (the footage was actually captured from a Raspberry Pi!) So, if it appeals, maybe this'll keep you occupied for a bit while you're stuck indoors.

Bit of an interesting one, this, as it's an 8-bit de-make of DEAD SPACE. Is it scary? Well... it does require you to use keyboard controls...

The latest instalment of my NEVER ENDING QUEST TO REVIEW EVERYTHING* is now live on YouTube. Behold, the glory of... FINAL FIGHT CD for the Sega Mega CD! A really interesting port of a game that didn't have an awful lot of luck when it came to its home versions.

*If anyone gets that reference, I'll be REALLY impressed.
Update time!

My latest video's now live on the channel, wherein I looke at QUAKE 4 for the Xbox 360. Really an interesting one, this, as it's the only console port of the game. Which seems kind of strange considering how big a franchise Quake is / was. I wonder why that could have been...?

This one's on the lengthy side. So maybe grab a bagel, brew up a coffee or crack open a bubble tea before consumption!

New video is up - and I'm going super low tech for this one. So low, in fact that the subject of this latest ramble was coded within a 16K memory constraint!

It... uh... looks kind of familiar, doesn't it?

New videogram is up on the YouTube box.

In this one, I look at the NES conversion of ARKANOID. And you wouldn't believe the technical hoops I had to jump through to make this happen.

The third and final video in season 3 is up!

In this one, I leave the retro stuff behind and look at possibly one of the best fps games I've ever played. It's Respawn Entertainment's TITANFALL 2.

Got something fun in the pipeline for tomorrow!

Over on Twitch, in my first ever stream, I'm planning to take a loooooong look at the recently revealed gameplay footage of HORIZON FORBIDDEN WEST.

Having gone absolutely gaga over Horizon Zero Dawn, this is one of my most keenly anticipated games of 2021. I figure there should be a fair bit to talk about. If you fancy hanging out and joining in, or just want something to watch on your Sunday evening, feel free to swing by.

You can find my Twitch channel here:

And here's the obligatory promo image:


See you there!
Heads up, folks - technical difficulties of a rather extreme nature pushed this way off schedule. But I'll be going live at 9:30PM BST now.

Come say hi if you fancy it! Or just pop by and watch the stream for a bit in lurker mode if you want. The game looks cool as hell, so it should be fun!
More stream shenanigans are happening tomorrow at 5:00PM BST. I'll be unpacking the Gundam SEED ultimate edition box set live on Twitch. In FULL COLOUR, and in STEREO!

How's that for modern technical conveniences?

Pop by for a chat if you like. We'll have a big ol' natter about all things Gundam and anime-ish, no doubt. Come one, come all.
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While I continue writing new material for the fourth run of my YouTube show, if you need a fix of HdE (BWAHAHAHA! I can't even type that with a straight face! As if I'm POPULAR! 🤣) you can always swing by my Twitch channel at 6:00PM UK time for a show and tell stream.

And... good grief... what's this? Am I... covering... ANIME stuff again?!


Indeed I am!

I'll be taking a look at Anime Ltd's rather splendid Collector's Edition set of CYBER CITY OEDO 808 - a show I have a lot of fond memories of, which also makes for fascinating conversation on stream (I hope!)

If you'd like to join in for a chinwag, why not head over to my Twitch channel and whack the follow button?

Here's the link:
A quick notice. Myself and some other fine folks are doing our bit over on Twitch to make sure that anyone who finds themselves alone over the festive period this year has something to watch.

Here's a handy-dandy promo image to let folks know who's streaming, and when. Twitch is often sold as an interactive thing, but if anyone wants to stop by and simply watch any of our good natured nonsense without chatting, that's fine too. We're here to entertain!

You can find any of us via the links in the promo.