Get in the Simulwatch - Neon Genesis Evangelion [End of Eva - 21/7]

What's the ending song been changed to? I keep meaning to ask.

Unfortunately no gone had uploaded it yet. It's a melancholy piano piece if some kind, can't remember if its in the show or not.

I mean if we see a physical release the maybe the cab work bout the right bad restore it? The biggest issue with streaming his hat every audio track is mad available to every region he streamer operates in. If it get a home release the maybe it'll BE easier to work bout territory by territory.
The new ED is Rei's theme (Rei I, specifically). Originally I was going to bring that up when we hit episode 4, but I think it's an interesting choice - compared to Fly Me to the Moon, it makes for quite a foreboding atmosphere when it plays at the end of each episode. I have more thoughts on the dub, but I'd like to try watching episode 4 in Japanese for comparison, so I'll hold back for now.

Looking at it again in freeze-frame, though, it seems Shinji has also angrily scribbled out the message from Gendo on it. Always a man of few words, all he wrote was:
Koi (Come) — Gendo Ikari.
Gonna have to make do with an old-school photo off my TV screen to illustrate the point:
It's incredible that it's possible to rewatch Neon Genesis Evangelion in the year 2019 and still spot new things.

Hah! That's cool, I was vaguely aware of the Kanji on the page, but I didn't stop to consider what it said and certainly hadn't noticed how it had been scored out.

Episode 03

It's difficult for me to appreciate what it's like to watch the show without knowing exactly where the story is going, but I think it definitely rams home how different this is to something like Gundam, when we see how, even after training, Shinji freaks out and fails to follow instructions the moment he's pushed into a real-world combat scenario.

I didn't remember how apparently fatalistic Aida is either - his determination to see combat first hand, even if it means his own death, kind of caught me off guard. He generally comes across as quite happy-go-lucky, so if he's made his peace with the world, I guess that adds up, even if it's a surprise to see it in someone of that age.

As an aside, I also laughed at how Horaki is the only one still listening to the teacher after everyone realises who Shinji is...
The decision to split the action sequence in two like that is quite clever
To come back to this point for a moment, yeah, it really is. I first encountered the sequence in 1.11, where it's not done like this, so when I first saw it in episode 2 I was really impressed at how bold it is. That abrupt cut from Misato's desperate yell of "Shinji-kun!" to the washed-out white glow of the NERV medical facility, radio calisthenics audible in the background, with no initial explanation of what happened, really demonstrates how far this series is willing to go to shock and surprise.

As for the absence of Fly Me to the Moon during the end credits, I really don't think I'd miss it: personally, I've always found it rather out of place within an episode of Evangelion. I'd honestly much prefer to hear Rei's theme in its place. (I'm assuming Rei I's theme is the piece playing immediately after... a certain scene in episode 21.)

And I wanted to briefly chime in with this point, too:
I didn't remember how apparently fatalistic Aida is either . . . I guess that adds up, even if it's a surprise to see it in someone of that age.
It's long been my opinion that young anime characters in general, with Eva being no exception, rarely do behave their supposed age. You'd have thought that, if a character behaves more like a person around 16 or 17 years old, it'd just make more sense for them to actually be that age, rather than 13 or 14 (especially in cases where that character is in some kind of sexualised situation 😬).


Episode 3

Target in the centre, pull the switch...

Early signs of the mental burdens of being an Eva pilot?
Episode 04

This one always really stuck with me. When I originally saw the show, I think it was probably the first time it really sank in that there was something a bit special going on here. It's the first episode we get without any combat, but we get a real insight into Shinji's personality and the sheer impossibility of what he's trying to process - it's not that he can't walk away, it's just that he couldn't live with himself if he did. That really spoke to me, somehow.

Aida also comes across as increasingly meta here too. One of the most frequent complaints about the show is that people find Shinji's reaction to his situation unbearable, presumably in a lot of cases because he doesn't act like the typical action anime protagonist by quickly rising to the challenge in front of him and ably grasping the bull by the horns. As Aida undoubtedly represents the nerdy fans who dream of being that hero, perhaps putting that kind of self-insert figure into the story reminds us that, were we in this situation, we'd probably be every bit as overwhelmed and unable to act as Shinji is.

Maybe I'm reading too much into that, but if nothing else, let's take a moment to reflect on how downright creepy he looks in this shot.



So anyway, I did switch to the Japanese for this episode and, as I thought, it does seem like the Netflix dub is trying to stick a lot closer to that style of line delivery. Whether this is a good thing or a bad thing, I don't know. I do give Shinji's new VA credit though for their screaming - Shinji's screaming from the cockpit in ep3 was every bit as pained and blood curdling as it ought to be.

As a final thought, I also only just realised that Netflix are using translations of the Japanese episode titles, instead of the English titles which are hardcoded onto the ad-break eyecatches at the half-way point. I mean, fair enough, but I now can't not remember the joke from Police Squad, where one episode title will appear on screen, but the narrator will announce it as something completely different..
Some are really laying into Netflix over 'Fly Me To The Moon' bur I'm personally more inclined to blame the convoluted world of music licensing. Perhaps one the only industries that rivals or surpasses anime in licensing complications.

Plus, it being an end credits song, I really wouldn't say it breaks the work.
[The first part of this post was typed before reading @Professor Irony's episode 4 opinion, so forgive any seeming repetition.]

Episode 4

If piloting an Eva means nothing but pain to him, he shouldn't get into it again.

No Angel attack for the first time in the series gives time for reflection and character development. A pair of fraught scenes between Shinji and Misato, as well as former class bully Toji's unexpected concern for the Unit-01 pilot are key points. Toji's Japanese VA delivers a heartfelt performance during the departure scene — with quavering voice and all — to really earn Shinji's wide-eyed reaction.

Aida also comes across as increasingly meta here too.

. . .

Aida undoubtedly represents the nerdy fans who dream of being that hero, perhaps putting that kind of self-insert figure into the story
I think that's a very convincing read on him there, Prof. Indeed, the character that some viewers might expect is to be found within the show: he's just not in a position to be able to alter the course of events. In fact, that could be said about most of the characters in this series, but I'm getting ahead of myself there.


Episode 1–4 thoughts:

Four episodes in and it's clear that the characters in this show are not being given an easy time of it. There are also some things going on behind the scenes that we're not yet privy to. This so far is only the tip of the Eva iceberg.

The preview at the end of episode 4 promises us some closer focus on Rei next.
Eps 1-3
A bit monster of the week with extra psychological noodling. Fell asleep during 3, not necessarily due to the show just lack of sleep and a hard shift, although I remember what happens from the Manga.

Ep 4
Leading on from those episodes what does make it stand out from other shows is with the reluctant, well not even hero, just reluctant MC which this episode explores. You do wonder why he even bothered showing up, which is explained a bit later IIRC. But at the end he realises there's things to fight for rather do it "just because".

they've clearly done what pretty much all the Japanese studios do and get a woman to do his voice
I think they were born male, but Wikipedia says they are non-binary (sees themselves as neither male or female) and has played men, women and children:

I watched the 2 scenes between Shinji and Misato in Japanese, new and old dub. Whilst in the new dub Shinji sounded a little cocky in the first scene it did seem similar to the Japanese one, but old dub sounded a little too sarky. Prefer the the new dub Misato as well she seemed the right level of angry, the JP VA was a little soft in parts, whilst the old dub is little coarse "GRRR" is used as a line and uses the word "crap"!
I also don't get the outrage of casting a woman as a male child/ young teenager nobody cares about Ash in Pokemon being voiced by a woman but everyone loses their **** at JP Goku. (I know Shinji's VA is non binary this is a general statement)
I'm not getting the accusation tgat they 'censored' some of the gay overtones between two characters in some of the later episodes. Firstly, I've seen these scenes and I fekt the overtones were still very much present. Secondly, I do not believe for one minute the Khara, as they are now, would allow anything to be censored. Thirdly, does Netflix have a record of censoring LGBT content? If anything I've seen strokes of people online whining that 'force' that stuff in.

So, no, I have a hard time believing that.
Episode 2, 3 and 4

Just watched them back to back. I have to say in an overall sense I am really enjoying watching this with a more analytical eye.

Ep 2
Such an intense episode. Everyone else has summed it up really well about how the episode is structured and paced. I guess something I never thought about when watching this before is much Shinji must be suffering from PTSD. He essentially feels his arm break and his eye blown out and everyone on the line is just yelling at him.

No wonder hes closing himself off so much. The cold emotiontionless training is so chilling to see from a child. And hes only been training for a few days so no wonder it all goes out the window in combat again. I feel like he chooses to fight just to end it one way or the other. Retreat, as hes told to do, would mean restarting and going again, something hes clearly scared to do.

Oh my. Theres so much to dissect in this episode. I'm pretty sure you could write a whole thesis on it. Introing the ep with Shinji running away only to then find hes on the loop line. Wanting to run away but also being to scared to run. The conversation with Misato where he sounds completely lost and almost insane (in the old dub at least). The first moment of his humanity returning when he finds out Aida has also lost his mum. I think that's his first real connection to anyone in the show. Shouting back at the guys with the first truly honest words hes spoken.

I definitely feel like I'm enjoying this show more than the first time I watched it. The framing and scene compositions are great. Even the background noise of insects and birds is really interetsing.
Hmm, no outrage on the voice part but hearing shinji in this new dub just sounds to me like it's a woman doing it but they aren't a convincing teenager. IIRC the original dub (english) shinji had a bloke doing his voice, the same kind of tone but it didn't sound quite so feminine

I understand the outrage with goku a little, of you follow broly's timeline he's 38 at the oldest, yet in Japan he still sounds like he did when he was a kid.
Often happens to a long running series, they never change the VA even if the character becomes much older
It really fits Goku's Character he's still like a child as he is still pure hearted. When I watched the dub for Broly the only characters voice I didnt like was a Broly. As it sounded like a man putting on a weird voice.
Toji's Japanese VA delivers a heartfelt performance during the departure scene
Much more so than in the original dub - not sure about the new one.
Even though I've never seen the original (or indeed either) dub of that scene for comparison, I can well imagine that's the case, dude. 🙂
The Japanese VAs just generally put those extra few ounces of effort into their performances. Speaking of which, I've been wanting to exhume this from an earlier episode 1 post:
I never much cared for Shinji’s Japanese voice
Dude, what??? 😱
Megumi Ogata, though!
The mention of the background noises reminds me of a few things I didn’t get round to in my last post.

I timed the shot at the end of the episode where Misato finds Shinji on the platform and I reckon that was holding on a still frame with no on-screen movement for a full 50 seconds. Just the sound of chirping crickets and a train announcement playing in the station. It makes perfect sense in context - the long pause before either of them speaks seems entirely appropriate - but I struggle to imagine anyone getting away with that in anime now.

The show is, of course, famous for its limited animation, once the budget and scheduling problems set in later on, but I’m surprised we’re seeing something like that so early on. Given that a stylistic device like that crops up in what is arguably the most introspective episode we’ve had so far though, it sets an interesting precedent for what’s to come later on.

Shinji wandering through the entertainment district also struck me as interesting, as I think this was possibly the first time I felt Tokyo-3 seemed like a living metropolis, as opposed to an army base masquerading as a town, even if it’s only hinted at through sound rather than seen. It’s also kind of neat that the film playing in the cinema seems to be a popcorn blockbuster based on the second impact. In this case, was the difference between tragedy and farce 15 years?

Dude, what??? 😱
Megumi Ogata, though!

Hah, I know - weak sauce on my part. I’d seen the entire series dubbed in English before I ever saw it in Japanese, so I could never get used to the quieter register of her voice.
Rei II is also really bad which is why I think they went for the simpler eps 9-13 (Then a recap) like ep 13 shows a stock EVA 01 going up the lift then they aint really shown its about Akagi in NERV and Magi.
Episode 5

Don't you have faith in your own father's work?

And so Shinji receives a slap across the cheek from his fellow Eva pilot, Rei.

I've always been impressed by the design mechanics of the Unit-00 activation test scene — the way the rocket-propelled entry plug is left temporarily trapped against the walls after the auto-eject kicks in, and also by the retro-rockets on the umbilical connector that arrest its freefall. They're very clever design details that I've always really appreciated.
Just want to say I'm really enjoying reading people's thoughts on the show so far; the simulwatch really is in full swing! 😃

Honestly, @Neil.T was like a big kid on the phone to me yesterday after his viewing session, telling me about how cleverly the episodes have been written and these little bits of detail.

It's great to see people enjoying it 😊👍

because he doesn't act like the typical action anime protagonist by quickly rising to the challenge in front of him and ably grasping the bull by the horns.
I think this is really interesting, because yes, usually mech pilots are chomping at the bit to get in and get fighting, but Shinji is more of an anti-hero in this regard, isn't he? Let's face it, it IS dangerous to pilot an EVA unit, so why shouldn't he be afraid and have concerns about it? But, it seems that there's such a weight of expectation from the other characters, and he's really trying to escape from having any sense of responsibility. I feel I can identify personally in that regard, since I've often felt like I've had to do things I really didn't want to do, and you end up in a mental tug of war between doing what you want and being happy or sacrificing that happiness just to please somebody else. It's something I'm only recently coming to terms with even now and am resolute about not bending over backwards for people any more. It seems that the more conscientious you are, the harder it can be to be firm. The difference is that I haven't had the fate of the world resting on any of my decisions! 😅

Interestingly I read up a bit about the character that's been mentioned a few times - Aida. I kept getting confused because I couldn't think who he was, and then realised it was the character with glasses - Kensuke! 😅

He's quite the opposite of Shinji from what I've read, and actually dreams of piloting an EVA unit?! 😯
Episode 5
Another really interesting episode. Seeing Gendo hurt himself to help Rei both humanises him and makes you hate him more. That hed be so cold and cruel to his own son and treat another child with such concern is pretty shocking. Only finding out later in the episode, when Shinji does that that happened pre episode 1 is another piece of structural story telling that this show does incredibly well.

The typical boy falls on girl scene and ends up with hand on boob is still pretty dumb though. Though it is very Eva that the camera keeps coming back to his hand afterwards as he tries to stammer an explanation.

The cliffhanger is also very intense after a generally more subdued episode...
Episode 05

Ending aside, in the main, this definitely feels like a more light-hearted affair than anything we've had so far. I still really struggle to get through the scene with Shinji and Rei in Rei's flat though; it's tooth-grindingly awkward. If we're being generous, I suppose you could argue it's meant to be squrimy to undermine that whole 'whoops, I fell on your breasts' trope, but Gainax have never been above that kind of thing, so... eh.

Ramiel Geometric lad is possibly my favourite Angel, but it is kind of a meme I guess.


Interestingly I read up a bit about the character that's been mentioned a few times - Aida. I kept getting confused because I couldn't think who he was, and then realised it was the character with glasses - Kensuke! 😅

He's quite the opposite of Shinji from what I've read, and actually dreams of piloting an EVA unit?! 😯

He does indeed - military nerds seem to be a big thing in Japan, so presumably that's very much his archetype. Speaking of Kensuke though, I don't mean to cast aspersions, but we never actually see his father... do we?

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