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Dragon Knight
Pre-ordered Nero. AmiAmi have it listed as a December 2017 release rather than June 2018. Would prefer the 2018 release date, already have two figures coming out in December.
Just ordered her as well, i'm 99% sure it'll be June 2018, that's the date MFC and Nippon-Yassan give. AmiAmi probably cloned Rin's entry.

Rena Ryuugu

Started updating My Figure Collection list for the first time in 5 years lol. I'm getting back into collecting figures again. Definitely would to preorder the New Game Hifumi Nendo.


Dragon Knight
Saber racing version has been delayed till September :(
Was kinda looking that way a week or so ago, though they sure left it late to confirm.

I've got a few Nendoroids en-route at the moment, Holo, Ram & Utaha. September's looking busy now as well given a number of delays.


Dragon Knight
My Jibril from No Game No Life has shipped today. Man the exchange rate was hurtful though...
Well it's climbing slightly at present, I think I pre-paid my Jibril at about 140 because I was worried it'd drop below that. Definitely preferred it when we were at 190, and the 165 era wasn't too bad really.

Scrambled Valkyrie

Dandy Guy, in Space
Hey everyone. I'm interested to know if we have any model builders in this thread. While I prefer figures mostly recently my eyes have been turning to model kits because they're relatively inexpensive in comparison unless you go for the really large/high quality kits. I like all kinds of human/humanoid characters but I'm a huge mecha fan and the level of detail I want just isn't present in most figures unless they have a really high price point like Chogokin.
Bandai does a great range of master grade kits for various robots (not just gundam) that are more affordable and I'm thinking about picking some of these up.
If we do have some modellers I'd like to ask a few questions since I've been out of making kits for a while and could do with some advice.
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