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    I thought you bought it for a second there :p
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    I'm going to say the broom just looks awkward, but the figure itself looks well made.
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    ^ That Roy Mustang looks sweet.

    Not anime, but this beauty turned up yesterday. I have no room, so it's just sitting there on my table. Love Spidey creeping in the bottom.

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    I'm so sorry Rem. I was forced into this.

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    lol, wasn't aware an underwear shot was a requirement :)

    Just ordered a Ram nendoroid, on the day I'm informed my Rem order is now in stock. Pretty pleased at how the Yen is looking vs the pound too, not as good as the 195 days ofc but I'll take above 140 in this climate.

    I've even started to save all my points just in case things get really bad, 2000 points being worth 2000 yen might save me a few quid in 6 months time.
  9. Gemsy-chan

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    I want to kick myself. I thought i had pre-ordered him through Biginjapan but i was looking through my orders on my account and it looks like i never actually placed the order. Hopefully i'll be able to get him after he's released.

    (tbh its probably a good thing as i already have 2 figure orders for march, i could afford him but the extra money will come in handy. If he's delayed to april then i may order the amiami bonus one as thats still available - just means i'll get hit by customs)
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    Figures i currently have on pre-order are

    March release
    Mobile Suit Gundam Iron-blooded Orphans - G.E.M Series Orga Itsuka 9680¥ (11370¥) from BIJ
    Natsume Yuujinchou - ARTFX J Natsume Takashi & Madara 11590¥ (13580¥) from BIJ
    Static Arts Gallery - FINAL FANTASY VII ADVENT CHILDREN: Vincent Valentine 4420¥ from Amiami

    April release
    Saiyuki Reload Blast - ARTFX J Genjo Sanzo 1/8 10790¥ (12780¥) from BIJ

    May release
    Cowboy Bebop - ARTFX J Spike Spiegel 1/8 10080¥ (11770¥) from BIJ

    June release
    Fullmetal Alchemist - ARTFX J Roy Mustang 1/8 10990¥ (12980¥) from BIJ
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    Was waiting to see what Alters Rem would look like, but they never showed a prototype at WF2017. So I caved in and pre-ordered GSC Rem

    And when she comes up for pre-order I will get GSC Ram
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    Also got an email for the GSC Rem today, definitively going to order this one. Where did you pre-order it from ?
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    Never ordered from BigInJapan myself but sounds good. Still have a voucher for Solaris Japan of 1500¥ which would make it slightly cheaper than BigInJapan, but on the other hand i got that voucher because on my last order they messed up and i had to pay customs.

    What shipping method do you use on BigInJapan ? And do they automatically under value it ?
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    I always use BIJ for figures. Due to the price of the figures I use registered SAL but there are other options you can choose when you go though the check out. They undervalue it automatically but you can put a note when you order to ask them to undervalue it and mark it as a gift.

    I like that you have the option to either pay now or pay later when the fig is released. Sometimes when I have extra money I send them a message asking to pay for a order early, they then send you a PayPal invoice usually the next day.

    I've never had any problems with them.
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    That Rem is tempting, especially as it pairs with a Rom they just previewed, and my December is wide open.

    Just received a few items, including a Nendoroid Shiro & Sora

    No Game No Life - Shiro - Nendoroid #653 (Good Smile Company)
    No Game No Life - Sora - Nendoroid #652 (Good Smile Company)

    Still not sure it was a good idea to order from an EU shop, no customs fees true but the base prices was higher and I foolishly forgot P&P was on top of the base price (for some reason I thought they auto applied their flat rate shipping to each items base price)
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    Still trying desperately not to buy figures, someone talk me out of putting in an order for Gwendolyn...

    (Also when did figmas get so expensive!)

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