Defective or Disappointing UK Anime Discs

This is an old one, but I don't see this specific issue listed under it so here it is. I recall the Angel Beats Blu-ray (possibly the same on the DVD too) has a major subtitle clusterfuck on the final scene of the last episode. Basically it starts playing music in the background whilst both characters are talking to each other, and the result is that it translates both the character text and the music at the bottom of the screen in the same colour, so text literally obscures half of the entire screen and becomes difficult to read because the music and the dialogue are the same colour. It just kills the enjoyment of that entire scene.
I just re-watched this on the off chance I should grab a US copy instead of my UK (what with it going out of print recently) and I have yellow subs for the character dialogue, white for one set of song subs and yellow for the other, in a yellow white yellow order. Little bit sub heavy, but didn't cause much of an issue with the scene.

Is it possible that the colour issue is actually with the US version, given they love yellow subs. I'd certainly think it should be reworded on page 1 as major subtitle issue it is not.


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Seems like a good excuse to wait for an Ultimate Edition with all 4 season:D Maybe in 2022.

I don't know if this counts but in some cases the Fate/stay night logo on MVM's UBW CE release is not aligned properly. It is quite random which sets are affected and which aren't but both parts show these issues and I know 3 other people who have the same issues. Should've noticed this 2 years ago :/

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Still, lossless dub audio and one eighth the price versus better image quality. Although it's interesting to note that it's a Madman authored disc that has altered the brightness levels. The same thing happened with Your Name.


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Disappointing video quality on Fruits Basket BD release from MVM. Once an episode or so I've noticed some noise/artefacts in the video. An example of which I've recorded and can be viewed here (it looks worse in person than the video manages to capture :/).

This is an issue that Funimation's release also has (and where it comes from for our release), and ANN mention it a bit here. The FunimationNow videos, sadly, are also impacted.


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Attack on Titan Season 2 doesn't have any subs for the OP and ED, it also doesn't have any subs for the info cards that show up in the middle of the episodes with various information. Other than that, they are good though.